Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Be sure to check the last link of the post before this one... it will crack you up. love you...wfxx


Anonymous said...

Hi, ek geniet jou website en kyk gereeld. Dit laat jou bietjie nader voel.
Mis julle en wens ons kon saam kuier.
Liefde Pauli (Bloemfontein)

Anonymous said...

Hi there, back in Tzaneen again for few days. Will be moving to a place where I can see airplanes from my back garden for 6 months. Will only be able to check blogger pages every two weeks when I come home. But in the meantime I have a week at home to check every day. I am so excited - more excited about the fact that I still hear Father's voice than about the move. He told me that it would be six months and now it is happening....
love you tons, me

Anonymous said...

ek nie so slim nie... help biekie. cool om my naam op die blog te sien though, lief jou