Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Early valentine

so, little jana had her valentine party today and tomorrow again with her dad. she decorated this little cookie and i thought i'll make it into a banner for feb. sweet hey? thanks for all the comments. i am such a die hard. i am busy with tax. well, at least in my head. i just have to sit down and DO it. next week we are going ski-ing for 5 days. YIPPPEEE!!! just practice really. all of a sudden i just LLLOOOVVEEE winter and snow. well, this is just a short post. be good and have a spectacular day.
love and a (((((hugg))))) wf. xxx


Anonymous said...

Hallo, it me again... The me in the east. Found out that it isn't as expensive as I thought to be online on the cell phone, so now I will be looking again more regularly. Have a great day, me

Anonymous said...

Hi there, lovely lady. Ha,ha. love the cookie. Tell Jana she has great potential as decorator, just as talented as her mom. You better post lots of photos of your holiday. Love ya, miss ya!