Monday, April 3, 2006

conversations with jana...

jana is 4 years old.


Jana: "how long before saskatoon?"

Jana: "i know, just a second"

Jana: "do you know how long is a second?"

Jana: "it's a very long time."


Scene: jana and i laying on my bed, i am reading a book, she is "reading" Night by ellie wiezel.
Jana: "can i have a tissue" (sniffing)
Me: "no, i am reading" (too far to reach a tissue)
Jana: "so, what if the snot comes out of my nose?"
Me: "BBBBwwwaaahhhhh jana, you are so cute!"
Jana: "i know."


Scene: i am reading a book (again) laying on my bed. tia has ballet and i charged her to get dressed. Jana comes into my room
Me: "where is tia?"
Jana: (shrugging her shoulders) "Aantrekking!"


scene: on our way back from saskatoon with Marian and baby Conroy (5 months)
Conroy starts to cry
Jana : "Quick tannie Marian, do that thing that you do to make him happy!"
Marian and me (at the same time): "WHAT thing Jana?"


scene: jaku, jana and me laying in bed.
Jana: "Must i tell you a story?"
Jaku: "Yes"
Jana: "i am going to read you a story out of my mouth"


Scene: in the car on our way to saskatoon

Kirstin: "we cleaned our room this morning"
Me: "oh, that's good!"
Jana: (wispering to Kirstin) "but dont tell her about the clothes"

one night we had a birthday party for Kobus who turned 40. it was held at the ski club and we were invited to come early and skied a bit before dark. so, we decided to take the children with us. but the later it got, the more we realised it wasn't such a good idea (various reasons) and in the end they ran around and bumped over a flower vase. it was late and i was furious because of this unacceptable behaviour and we went home. while the kids was getting ready for bed jaku and i had this heated discussion on what happened and i felt that the kids should bear the consequences of the broken vase, they have to learn the lesson of taking care of other people's belongings. jaku felt that i over reacted and we came to the conclusion that we should have gotten a babysitter and the evening would have been more enjoyable for all of us. however, he said he will talk to them and explain a few things.

jaku: "you know, you should respect other people's posessions and care for them as your own. how would you like it if i take your dolls and break their limbs and throw them on the ground? (ect ect - long speech on integrity)

jana (interrupting him): "but daddy, YOU, you should have left us at home!"


conversations with jana is NEVER dull.
Love and a kiss


Mary Mac said...


I love reading these conversations. I can't wait to have kids, but for now, just a spoiled puppy! XOXO

Michelle said...

Wilna, I wanted to congratulate you on winning the Hall of Fame. Every women in South Africa who scrapbooks, is extremely proud of you. I cannot wait for the Hall of Fame to reach our shores.

You have a great blog. How I envy you living in Canada - it must be a great adventure for you and the kids.

Lisa G said...

LOL, she is too cute. I love the sweet and funny things that our little angels say :) Thanks for commenting on my blog, we are doing fine Thanks for praying over us. More drama with the business but other then that, everything is the same. ttys...Lisa

Elizabeth said...

little children conversations are THE BEST. so, so glad you got this down—you'll be so happy you did... and it inspires me to work on doing it again! (it's been a while!) : )

don't you just love it/hate it when they're right about something like being left at home? hee hee.

me..... said...

Hi there. Jana is such a little darling and wow she is going to be another stunner. Jaku will have to teach them about courtship vs dating regularly from now on already. Love you tons

me..... said...

Hi daar. Ja, die huisie is mooi en nuut en ek dink ek gaan lekker bly. Sien more die ouens van armed reponse. Seker nie iets wat julle binne 3 dae van intrek in Kanada hoef te doen nie. Hier in die groot stad wil ek en A nie die kids alleen los om te gaan koffie drink of so iets nie, want dis maar stad en mens weet nooit. Ek bid wel dat die engele hulle oppas maar Arthur se ons moet ook nie stupid kanse vat nie. Geniet jou dag

Catherina said...

Groete uit Kaapstad

Wat 'n wonderlike blog het jy nie. Dis so lekker om 'n mede christen te ontmoet wat nie bang is om haar liefde vir God en God se liefde deel nie. Ek is so bly my vriendin het dit vir my gestuur en sien uit daarna om dit gereeld te lees. Baie geluk met jou wonderlike oorwinning. Geniet ons Vader se blessing en weet dat jy dit oor en oor verdien. Jou kleintjie is te oulike. Kosbaar.

sue said...

you know that picture of that pregnant girl is not sue, it is michelle. but dont worry all people think we look alike. anyway if u click on my name at maryna's comment board you will see ''susanstory'' yes yes it is a copy of maryna's. bye sue

sue said...

your kids are so beutiful. amber-rayne loves to see, them.

Family Tales said...

Hi my friend and hallo Jana!!! Wow, your photo took my breath away, you have become a beautiful little girl and now I just miss you so much more. You must take care of yourself and give your mom and dad a break, they'll never keep up with you if your this smart at 4, you're gonna be a genius at 14.. My friend, I miss you and loved this blog, makes me feel like I'm not missing everything. I love the being-a-part-of-everything-journals, their my favourite. Have cell tonight, will blog soon, love ya, me!! Oh yes, me not fasting, eating lots of liver as my husband is fasting, and he doesn't like liver.
Love ya, me

Jenn said...

Oh that Jana is hysterical! I loved reading these conversations today. She is what will keep you young for many years!

Heather said...

So cute! Gotta love kids! ;)

Karin Botha said...

Hi Wilna,

It is wonderful to see your face again, I love the photo of Jana!!
She is still the cutest thing!
Hope you are well and happy in your new home, we miss you terribly!!!!
My blog is
Keep well
All my love
Karin Botha