Monday, April 10, 2006

happy thoughts!!!!


maryna always told me that. and today i am telling HER that! happy thoughts!
i cant believe what i did yesterday, or rather this morning. i read a novel right through the night! only this morning when jaku's clock went off at 05:45am did i startled and realised how long i have been reading and quickly sneaked into bed. oh, he is such a dear and let me sleep till 10:15 when he phoned me to make sure i am awake. i really felt like a naughty school kid. but, it was fun and i enjoyed myself a lot! and i just sat down and made the most beautiful tag for a friend and now i have this sense of accomplishment all over me. oh, and today i am cooking dinner form A-Z. YAY! and CK emailed and said our goody boxes will come by the end of the month. so i am very excited for that too! this weekend was great. jaku worked saturday and sunday and we visited some canadian friends both days and just had such a relaxed time.

so, this is just a quick post to say HI!! *wave* and have a great day. i will write again soon.

love and a kiss

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me..... said...

Was great chatting last might- must do it again soon. Love you tons, me