Thursday, April 27, 2006

thursday morning...

hi there, today is thursday and i am a little out of sorts. too much going on. i need some time for me (this seems to be my biggest battle lately)... and it's not going to let up within the next few weeks. i am reminded with what Ali says all the time...go with the flow. so this is where i am at the moment... in the flow. does this make sense? anyway jaku's doing a clinic way north today and i won't see him till later today and tia is dancing in the prince albert dance festival tonight. i arranged with her teachers that she only goes to school till 12. jana is at home today. for some reason, she was awake last night (it felt like hours) and eventually i settled her and this morning neither one of us could get up.


jana in the car chatting like a chatterbox on fire
johann: "Jana, just be quiet for a while"
(Jana: folding her arms across her chest, sighing heavily, clearly not impressed)
Jana: "GREAT!"

have a great day! i am waiting for *something* in the post which i can't WAIT to show you. as soon as *it* comes, i'll post it!


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Family Tales said...

Hi my friend, it was so good to chat to you last night, I am still on cloud 9 just remembering that you are so cool and you love me. I am also having some me time, Matyn and Dagan are both sleeping out, so it's semi quiet at home. Shawn still on his guitar and Tamar is still up and about, but it's nice. I love you and will talk soon..