Friday, April 28, 2006

turn up your speakers cause

... i've got some music here!!! This is probably my favourite artist of all time micael w smith. and the song is CRY FOR LOVE. ENJOY!

and then i got an email yesterday from a GREAT scrapbook Manufacturer asking me to contribute to an idea book. and when i saw the list of the other artists that they asked, i was WOW-ED! only yesterday i did my resume and i wrote on the HOF message board that my resume feels like a new house without any furniture. but i believe it will fill up soon.

last night TIA danced ballet competition again. it's almost like the eistedfod in SA, but it's ONLY dance and its full time for 4 days. I must say that i was thrilled and so inspired to watch those girls dance. tia's group did really well and danced a whole lot better and they got 1st place and GOLD. Tonight Tia, kirstin and i are going to watch the character ballet and jazz. i cant wait to go. it's GREAT GREAT GREAT!!! it's rewarding to see the results of a) what we pay for and b) drive around for and c) tia work so hard at. she also loves watching and she didn't take her eyes away from the stage for even a second.

ok, will write again soon...
love and a kiss


Family Tales said...

Hallo there my best friend and her amazing family. I miss you so much. i wish I could also watch Tia dance and see her grow up to be a beautiful lady. I am so proud of you Tia, well done.
And then Wilna, Pick your field well, when it comes to manufacturers... Remember the box we opened in the Wimpy... but I know you will, you being so amazing and all...
Love ya

Lisa G said...

Wilna! Huge congrats. I am so proud of you!

Mary Mac said...

Wilna - so happy for your good news!! I can't wait to see your fabulous ideas in print. XOXO