Friday, June 16, 2006

while i have a second...



I will be a better blogger this weekend. WHOO HOO let the party begin! This is our birthday weekend and we have a lot of things happening! tonight the kids are going for a sleepover at a dear friend's house (they have 5 kids from 23 to 4) they can't wait to get going. (me neither!) and then Jaco and i have tonight all to ourselves. we thought of going to saskatoon for dinner at our fav restaurant there (Calories! no- that's the name of the place!) but in the end decided to just stay home... have a fillet bbq and watch a dvd or 2. this last week was hectic. i am planning 2 separate cake and coffee occasions, i made a mini album for Jaco cause his b/day is ON fathers day (will post some pics!), i did 2 assignments today - one for CK and one for Autumn leaves (both are cool... i'll post something here over the weekend). then i made invitations and had to schedule time to deliver them... no good organizing a party and not invite people huh? we went to see a GORGEOUS house on a small acerige not far out of town. Beautiful pine mini forest, birch trees, wood cabin feel with a walk out basement and (GET THIS:) 7 bedrooms! i love, love, love the country side and the idea of not seeing any neighbors. wow. I am amazed at all I accomplished this week. Tomorrow is just some preparation for my guests. ALL are invited!!! have a great day!
love and a kiss!


Laura said...

That is beautiful Wilna! I hope you guys have a great weekend. XOXO

me said...

Hi there my two "verjaarsdag maatjies" Ek gaan nie daarby uitkom om actual kaartjies te stuur nie. So, hier is dit! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACO EN WILNA!!!

Julle is great
Love ya lots

Family Tales said...

Happy Birthday, to my two favorite people!! Outside my imidiate family, of coarse.. May the Lord our God, bless you, may He keep you safe, may He make His face shine apon you and may He make all the desires of your heart, your realities. Love you more and more everyday...

Family Tales said...
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Anonymous said...

Baie geluk met julle verjaarsdae!!
Wense vir seen, liefde, sterkte, geluk,alles wat mooi is!! Mis
julle, zelda