Saturday, July 8, 2006

On a TRAIL...

of the dinosaurs... and the zoo... and the rodeo today. YEP we are in Calgary and having a zillion fun. yesterday we went to IKEA and had a blast on the visa. priceless. we are staying here. johann and marian and conroy is with us. the husbands are doing this pseudo sport-injury-course. alias bed and gas for the trip. (they can claim that back) so this morning we are going to a mall. i am watching LE TOUR and are enjoying it greatly (even now that Lance is retired.)

oh, and the picture was taken at the royal tyrrell museum in drumeller. AMAZING history of dinosaurs. and HEAPS of fossils. and amazing geography.
will post more. (oh, BLESS this nikon. i love it!)


me said...

Hi there my friend. You are a beautiful bunch or otherwise I need to get a camera like yours..... Maybe then we will all be just as beautiful. I am trying the clean up after yourselves thing but WOW, maybe having the kids at home all day makes it more difficult or maybe I am just not that organized or maybe... Well, I could think of a thousand reason so maybe I should just stop right here and get organized. Love ya tons

Family Tales said...

Go Go Visa!! So sorry about Lance, know how you felt about him. Have a great time, love ya