Monday, August 14, 2006

amazing grace...

today is the perfect day. perfect. clear blue skies, everything is crisp and clear and i have a thankful heart towards God as large as the rocky mountains. as i am typing, thrid day is playing loud and clear. i am listening to this album: their album : offerings 2 inspired my KI memories album. i scrapped almost all the lyrics. so inspiring. incredible. heartfelt. this album i am listening is also brewing up some pages in my heart and minds'eye. i LOVE ,music. i love HARD music. but above all i love music that exalt God and put me in remeberance of HIM. i got this album only recenltly. a canadian friend gave it to me. and when i listened to it i totally love it and fell in love with it. and know what? the band - tree63 - are having a concert in saskatoon in November. awesome. and know what else? the group is SOUTH AFRICAN!! so, i am totally freaked. love me some south africa!! on this album of tree63 there is a song that Matt Redman wrote called nothing but the blood... the first verse says: your blood, speaks a better word, than all the empty claims i have heard upon this earth. speaks righteousness for me, stands in my defence. Jesus, it's your blood. oh, this is true. it gives me so much JOY!!

do you visit my blog often? i would love to get to know you. in the margin (left) i put a thingie that says EMAIL ME. please do. i want to know what makes you tick. do you have a blog? let me know. i received a stunning letter this morning from south africa that touched my heart so much, i read it again to make sure i am not dreaming! thanks ingrid! i will reply soon.

then i just have to tell this story. we went to chuch yesterday morning and had a fantatic time in God's presence. i have been consistently anxious about my scrapbooking, art and creativity for the past few weeks and no matter what, i had this sinking feeling that my expiration date are nearing and if i don't do SOMETHING, it's all gone for me. HA! i asked God to guide me and show me, psalm 23 says He leads me in the paths of righteousness for His name sake. that's been my prayer. so yesterday morning, there is a visiting pastor and our pastor asked him to speak a word of greeting to the congrgation. so, he began by talking about Efe 1:6 that we are part of it all through the BELOVED. that blessed me to hear it again. then he said we have to give our talents to the kingdom of God. oh man, i sat a little straighter. because that is my heart. but still there is a war inside me because i don't know HOW?? HOW GOD? SHOW ME. SHOW ME NOW!!! then the pastor said the next words: Give it time Wilma, be patient. i promise you. he said that. i sucked in my breath. then he said: there is not a Wilma here? and of course i said yes there is!!! i know, my name is wilna not wilma, but i do say they sure sound the same. then the dam of my heart bursted in joy and gladness and for the fact that God loves me so much that He will speak so LOUD and CLEAR and His disipline bring joy and peace. He is my dreamgiver and He will make it come true.
and today, the sun shines brighter. i am reminded of the scripture in Col 3:15 that says: And let the peace (soul harmony which comes) from Christ rule (act as umpire continually) in your hearts [deciding and settling with finality all questions that arise in your minds, in that peaceful state] to which as [members of Christ's] one body you were also called [to live]

i am patient and i will give it time.
have a great day.
love and a kiss


Roxy Roller said...

Hi Wilna, I tried to email you using the link to the left and it didn't work.

I love your post, and love me some Tree63 too!!

Heather said...

Wilna...I needed to hear these words are such an encouragement. Thanks for always sharing your heart and for your walk with the Lord!