Wednesday, August 9, 2006

I love...

my fellow HOFFERS. man they are great. i posted this layout on 2 peas and they just loved on it (after i told them about it and said i want to bring in the big guns) look here so i want to thank them here. thanks girls! then this page reminds me about a quote on this blog: Leora. is there anyone who can find it? hint: one of my fav movies. Leora is also HOF 2006. and the inspiration for my new slide thingie. i also read a book yesterday of one of my ALL time fav authors, Georgette Heyer. love her. love the wit and cleverness of her stories. not everybody's cup o'tea however. i am sure there is a few people that comes to mind who will find it pure torture to read her books. told you a am bookish. my neck is in spasm for sittting here so long figuring all this out. like my banner? me too.
have a great day!

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love this!!