Thursday, August 10, 2006

Chatterbox album: My dollhouse


i also posted it as a private album on 2peas.
there is a space where you have to fill in an ALBUM ID: 54955 Password: wilna (small letters).
took me the whole morning to get it done. but now that it is, i am thrilled.
love and a kiss


PROLIX said...


Merci beaucoup encore for the idea!!!

My friend was very "émue" for the gift I made for her.

She just have to fill it. I left it blank inside (put PP inside with some stamps about friendship) for stick friends pics & comments.

Prolix from France!

Anonymous said...

Hallo Wilna

Dit is vir my die mooiste album en n baie oulike idee.
Was ek die beoordelaar het ek jou beslis eerste plek hiervoor gegee, sommer twede en derde plek ook.
Lekker naweek.


Britney M said...

Wilna, this is gorgeous!

Liz Ness said...

AWESOME Wilna! You SO ROCK! By that, I mean that you are an awesome talent, so gifted, so artistic, so creative! Thanks for the inspiration (and for pointing me to your blog -- I LOVE IT)!

me said...

My friend!!! Now you have really mastered the cyber arts domain. I am so impresssed and so excited. I have not even managed the banner yet.... I am so proud of you.

kim said...

Wilna! This is absolutely AMAZING!!! Wow! A true work of ART! inspiring!

Thanks for sharing it with us!!!

sarah said...

awesome stuff wilna. You sure do some amazing stuff. love your blog too.

Angelia said...

Such a treasure, Wilna, and your family must adore it!