Tuesday, August 29, 2006

something on my heart...

Jaku is flying north today. doing a clinic who-knows-where. and yesterday i painted all these hearts. i did about 20 of them. here is 4. and my mind is working overtime. so i am taking my own counsil (see yesterdays post). NOT following my own mind. and so we went to the library and i took out a few books. i am taking the rest of the day off (due to reading HA!) but i will be cooking dinner for Jaku. listening to P&P sound track. i also read all the Hall of fame girls' blogs (listed in the left margin) i am telling you, it's AWESOME reading material. i am astounded that 25 women can be so vastly different. so, just a quick hello and bye-bye.

heart and soul


Lisa G said...

you are in my post today my friend! :)

Oh and LOVE the hearts! They are awesome!!!!

Angelia said...

Beautiful hearts, Wilna! And I blogged about P&P just now ;)