Wednesday, August 30, 2006

on books, horses, fish and wisdom...

i love to live. and i read this incredible quote today: "live to the point of tears". isn't this just amazing. love that quote. and today i got all these books in the mail from amazon. love me some books. we have been living in north america for over a year, and can still not come over the fact that stuff are so AFFORDABLE here in $. i would have paid for these 6 books 3 times in rands than what i paid in dollars. so, i am so thankful for that. i got visual chronicles by Linda woods and karen dining.. you must know by now i have a passion for art journals. although mine are translated into scrapbook pages and albums. then i got creative sparks i love any jim krause book. they are so Accessible. anothe book that jumped into my basket was the non-designers design book by robin williams. no, i don't think THAT robin williams. and Gombrich's The story of ART. i left all my art books in South Africa and i just feel every house should have a piano, a Bible and a good Art history book. the 5th book is the creative artist by Nita Leland. and last but not least, my "dessert book" Sabrina ward Harrison's The true and the question.YUM.

and this awesome piture i took this weekend in big river. i tell you this is EXACTLY Jaku. just him. my camel man. my muse and the darling of my heart. i realized yesterday that i don't THANK him enough for the fact that he is so GOOD to me, kind, considerate and just pain wonderful. so i did that today. He really wants to fulfill my every wish and desire. nothing is ever to big or too small for him where i am concerned. THANK YOU JAKU. thank you that the law of kindness and love is on your tounge, that you always see the bigger picture and make me a better person. i love you.

lovely Tia is such a CAPITAL horse woman. truely. and i took some pictures of her having her lesson on Friday morning. and lo and behold she fell of the horse. her first fell. giving the quote "live to the point of tears" a literal meaning. so later that day we went to big river and she caught a fish. and her dad observed that there is not a lot of 9 year olds that fell of a horse AND caught a fish in one day eh?!!!

then last but not least. my laptop is soooo slow. sinse i got the Nikon, i have been taking a zillion-big-file-photos and in the process want that APPLE IMAC sooo badly that it hurts. then i read Proverbs. oh man. Pro 8:11 For skillful and godly Wisdom is better than rubies or pearls, and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it. and then i just prayed that God will show me this and TEACH my heart to crave HIS things and to put seeking wisdom above all other things.

if you are going through a very bad patch, THIS will really pick you up. listen to todays message. take 20 min. it may change your life forever.

heart and soul


Liz Ness said...

Thanks for the recommendations (I'm going to pick up the Krause book today -- he's great)!

Lisa G said...

love all the pics!! Let me know if your going to get the Apple, I may be able to get you a discount. Thanks for the email. I am going to make time to listen to all of them. Oh, and I've been meaning to tell you, I love Third Day, thanks for introducing them to me.
Love all the books you got. I can't believe its that much cheaper here, wow. You left all your art books behind. I know how that can be, leaving thing behind on a move.
Okay, have I rambled on and on enough? lol, sorry, didnt mean to. I will stop now :)

Mary Mac said...


I looked at some of those books before and I wanted to buy but haven't yet. Will you please tell me whether you'd recommend the non-designer's design book and creative sparks. I love books. I adore them really. But I try to limit myself or I'd never lift my nose from the page.


Heather said...

What great books Wilna! You are a very blessed woman and have a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! And that quote was something I read some time ago and forgot about...thanks for the reminder...LOVE that!!! ;)

And that message will be on my to do list Joyce! :)