Friday, September 22, 2006

my first blog RAK... goes to

Fran Heupel!! congrats! i will email you later. Jana picked a number and she choose 6! and your was the 6th comment. yay!
i love fridays. today it's raining again. i am listening to Theuns Jordaan one of my favorite south african musicians. and when i listen to afrikaans music... yea, i miss africa.

for some or other reason, i can't upload pictures to blogger today (or yesterday). so i have draft ready as soon as this problem is fixed. but still on the topic of RAKS, i am going to have a RAK for a Hall of Fame book (as soon as i can get my hands on one) so be on the look out.

i loved Greys Anatomy last night. for those of you that's die hard fans... read this thread on 2 peas. i love the discussion even if i don't often join in. fascinating reading.

talk soon! my namesake just walked in for coffee... so BYE!
love and a kiss

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Sophia said...

Oh how I would like a Hall of Fame CK Book, just me being hopeful for the RAK. Hey I am from South Africa too, does that count...LOL

Always a pleasure reading your BLOG.