Friday, October 27, 2006


i am done. My scrapbook painting is hanging on the wall. all i have to do is take photos tomorrow. i am more than satisfied. i can't wait to show you. I also did 3 mini-mini albums (4x6) tonight for the classes i am doing next week @ Just Scrap it in Saskatoon. I will post some pictures of the little albums tomorrow. It's now 12:37am and i am weary. I looked up "weary" in my thesaurus and that is exactly how i feel. i think now that all my stuff is done and MM IDOL is challenge-wise over for me, jack and jill are coming tumbling down the hill. I actually said to jaku that i am not doing ANYTHING scrap wise for the next week. BLISS. but i am looking forward to the scrapbook weekend especially meeting new people.

I want to wish a few people HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Erika!! (there is something on the way for you!) and my namesake here in PA: Wilna!!!! i will see you later today!!! I hope you have a GREAT day!!

be sure to check out the MM IDOL site again later for some more interesting things!! i am off to bed!!



me..... said...

Hi there my friend. Thank you for my "something on the way". I can't wait till Monday for the last of the BIG challenge. If the paintings against the wall which you gave Kath are anything to go by, well then the entry is only a formality...Miss you and wish I could be in your mini-mini scrapbook class so I could tap into your enthusiasm. Love ya

Sophia said...

So looking forward to Monday...good luck, I know you will make IDOLS...

lisa stead said...

I logged in today thinking it was Monday for some reason. So here I was all ready to vote...but I can't LOL!

Ah well, so glad to hear that you're done and can take a much-needed and well-deserved break! Hope you get that massage!

And I read all the interviews...that was so sweet what Jaco said! What better praise is there than the praise that comes from your hubby?! Mrs. Darcy indeed! I love that show haha!

Hope you're putting your feet up and relaxing today Wilna!

StaciCal said...

rest up deserve it, can't wait to see your layout.staci