Monday, October 2, 2006



I am a Making Memories IDOL FINALIST!!!
i am still shaking here!!!!!!! Out of a 1000 entries!


you have to register, but PLEASE!!!!! VOTE!!!!!!!!

Making Memories Idols VOTE HERE

please note that VOTING closes tonight (Monday night). spread the word!!
and thank you for believing in me!!!!!

i think this is a EXCELLENT time for a BLOG RAK... leave me a comment (and a vote hint-hint) and i will draw a number and the winner will get a HALL OF FAME book from me (as soon as it comes!!)

love and a kiss



Sophia said...

Hi there,

Sophia from South Africa, I also entered, but not a finalist.

Anyways, well done...and I have justed casted my vote for you.

Holding thumbs here.

You are really going places girl. Keep it up.

Always a pleasure reading your blog.


ScrapScene said...

Congratulations, I love your altered item entry. I posted it on my blog!

Marie said...

i voted...i posted on my blog to send people to go vote...but no need to send me a book because AS SOON AS I SEE IT IN THE STORE I WILL POUNCE. I am going CRAZY!!!! Must have it in my hands soon...seriously.

me said...

Hi there my friend. Kath and Jess also wanted to vote but seems our computer remembers I voted because we used other email addresses and their details but it doesn't want to allow us them to vote. Sorry, but maybe you can add two votes to your list in your mind. Hope you win even without their votes. Love ya

tammiejean said...

You know I am so voting for you!! I have it up on the other screen right now. CONGRATS!!!

Anonymous said...

Well done wilna. Voted for you ...awesome projects as usual. You go girl it's about time you win one of these things, seeing that you are always a finalists ...go figure?
love jowilna

jacqui said...

Hi Sophia

Well done. I'm so pleased you're keeping the SA flag flying high. I've just casted my vote - well done. Keep up the great work.
Love Jacqui (SA)

Candice Greenway said...

Hey Wilna!

You KNOW you got my vote & Charles' & a whole lot of people in his office AND every SA scrapper on my mailing list!!!

Can't wait for the Final 5 announcement. Crossing fingers, holding thumbs & sending heaps of positive thoughts your way ;O)

All your entries were gorgeous, but my fave is "Fix Your Mind" - love your girls with their ice-creams, YUM!!

We are all rooting for you!!

Lots of Love

katherine haleen said...

girl, I totally voted for you, your stuff rocks ....good luck and congrats... thanks for all the inspiration


Gina said...


When are we going to get to see those cards?

YouRyna said...

I found the most amazing girl to vote for - initiotive, creative, artistic, funny, but your still better, so i voted for you!! all the finalists did some fantastic work, but your my star!! Love you and can't wait to see you bag this one aswell..

Michelle said...


Laura said...

I voted for you - good luck!

Robin said...

Wishing you the best of luck!!!! Congrats!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wilna,
I cast my vote for you!
I love the projects you made for the contest they are so beautiful.
Best of luck to you.


Anonymous said...

um, yeah I knew you'd be in the 5!! Congrats! And I only want a copy of the hof book if it's autographed!! ;) ;)

-andrea g.

Jana said...

Congrats on making the Final 5! I'm off to make my vote now. :-)