Wednesday, December 13, 2006

day 2 of christmas...

i really hope that i am inspiring you to get into the christmas spirit! take things a little slower and spend some of your creativity on your friends and family! deep breaths! what a wonderful time! today's christmas journal page was inspired by Roxanne. thank you dear friend for this awesome gift! she send me the JOY chipboard that she embellished most beautifully. it hangs in the middle of my light wreath. beautiful. JOY to the world!

what an awesome response! YAY! my mom took a number from the little red box and she drew number 7: LISA GUIDRY! i am thrilled to post the 1st rak to you: 5 little hand made cards. please email me your address... i hope you like it!

ya'll must play again! because friendships is one of the most important things in my life today i want to know who is your BFF: Best friend forever?!! mine is Maryna. she's been my bff for almost 8 years and i love her very much! even if we are thousands of miles away, we talk often and can pick up a conversation as if we were never apart. she is loyal, anointed, charming, happy, cheerful, kind, motivating, noteworhty, lively, operative, prayerful, praiseworthy, positive and a precious fierce friend. and it's not only me saying that, it's a MILLION other people too. i am telling you, if EVER you needed a friend, you would want her in your corner. SERIOUSLY.

Prov 27: 9 Oil and perfume rejoice the heart; so does the sweetness of a friend's counsel that comes from the heart.

now tell me all out your friend and you might win the second of 12 raks that i made myself!
love and a kiss


Andrea said...

congrats Lisa!

my first best friend is Jesus then i have been blessed with a wonderful sister, Tamara, who is such a joy :D

Dale Anne said...

Good morning Wilna!
Another FABULOUS page in your journal!!!

My best friend is Susan - there are times we think the same extra thing at the same time - we live 7 hours apart. An email will come just seconds after I've sent the same email - scary sometimes!!!
She seems to know when I need more emails and the same for me about her. She is a mother of 5, plus a foster Mom to 3 and owns/operates her own quilting store!!! We met online 6.5 years ago and have met in persons tons of times since - whenever I can get to Edmonton.
She is the BESTEST ever!!!

Lisa G said...

YEA!! I can't believe it, tell mama' thanks :) and thank you for being so generous to give these raks.
Don't enter my name again but I wanted to comment anyway because you, my dear Mrs. Darcy, are my bff. You have brought so much to my life in the past year that you dont even know. This is proof that you dont have to actually know your bff in person to love them so dearly. I treasure you and appreciate you more then any jewel that I own, and that comes from the very bottom of my he{art} ;)

So glad you enjoyed my blog entry for today, lol. You know me better. I almost gave my mil a heart attack. She said she was in tears when she was reading it. I didn't mean to scare her that bad, (shrug)

I will email you my new addy.

Peter and Roslyn said...


LOVE the wreath of lights! I adore fairy lights they are just so magical aren't they!

I have two BFF's. THey have been with me for a very very long time. Luana and Bernice. They have been with me through many many ups and downs and are ALWAYS there for me no matter what! I love them dearly!


Anonymous said...

My best friend would have to be my Husband of 7 years and Best friend for 16. we went to Jr. High and high school together and I have known him and his family pretty much my whole life.

Jenifer said...
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Anonymous said...

Sorry I forgot to leave my name on the Anoymous post.
Jenifer Cowles
Happy Holidays

Patty Schaffer said...

My best friend is Stacy. We met through a mutual friend 18 years ago when I was in need of a roommate in college. We were both graphic design majors and ended up having a lot in common.
I don't get to see her as often as I'd like, but we talk often on the phone, usually for over an hour at a time!
Stacy's always doing for others... she's very involved with her kids' schools and she is a co-owner of a scrapbook store, so that keeps her very busy!
I'm so glad we met back in college, I couldn't imagine life without my BFF!!!! :-)

noell said...

Oh my gosh, what a gorgeous page!!!

My best friend's name is Tami. You can see her in my two most recent blog postings if you click on my name (before I update again)!

Tami and I have known each other for ten years. Our husbands became bext friends first. About five years into our friendship both of us couples had the similar life-altering experiences, and we began hanging out together 1-3 times a week, swapping stories and sharing experiences (in regard to the life-alteration).

We go to Mexico once to twice a year together, but hope to broaden our horizons by picking a different place come springtime!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wilna

My best friend is my wonderful sister Susana. She is so special and precious, she is honest and trustworthy & has always been my strengh trough the tough times. I love her dearly and always will.

Lots of Love

Lisa Stead said...

Well truthfully my best friend in the entire world is my hubby, Michael. I was told when I was quite young to make sure that I married my best friend when I grew I always determined to do just that. There is no one that I talk to and rely on like him. While I do have many other friends, I have none that I would declare to be my best friend outside of him. He's the best!

As for slowing down...haha, I wish! Wilna, I've been crazy busy lately! I don't think I ever told you that I bake and sell trays of baking at Christmas my house is currently stacked full of trays and baking everywhere. This has been a record breaking year for me so I've been incredibly busy. Unfortunately I won't slow down till the 23rd...but then Mike has a week off and I'm refusing to do any work then - Woohoo! I can't wait to relax with my family this Christmas :D

Ok, 'nuff chatter...hope you're having a great day!!!


jill scripps said...

my friend kelly is the BEST!!!

she is always there for me...really.

she is one of the best friends i've EVER had! we haven't even known each other for a year and i couldn't live without her!

she's the best.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wilna - You can't have a better friend than Jesus. He will never leave you or forsake you. I also love my friend Lisa as well. We have been friends for 13 years. She is a friend that loves at all times. We have been through everything together and I love her dearly.Hope you're having a blessed day today Wilna

micayla said...

My best friend forever by my partner Steve, i love him to bits and always will!!
Great layout Wilna, love it.

Lia b said...

my bff is my mom and sister and my 2 daughters. They know me better than anyone and they are TRUE friends.
Fun question!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wilna,
Love your christmas pages.
My best friends are my mom and my four sisters.

Fran Heupel

Anonymous said...

I would have to say my husband is my best friend, but of my "girl" friends I would have to say Jeniece, we have known each other for about 2 years, but alot closer this past year. She is the only other scrapper who understands completely my scrapbook obsession, and she only understands it because she is just as crazy about it, and when we crop together we do our best work!! She is just fun to be around!! and a crazy sense of Staci Cal

Anna-Marie Still said...

My BFF is my dear Sharie who live across the country from me also - that girl is good for my soul!

Barbara Zea said...

My bff is Jon (DH). We've known each other since high school....graduated 10 yrs ago. Got married 2 yrs ago. He is the best. He is kind, loving, just a great person...
Looking forward to the rest of the days! I might have to scrapbook my responses! LOL!

jacqui said...

Hi Wilna
My best friend has most definitely got to be my husband. I love him to bits and he understands me like no one else can. I couldn't imagine a life without him. I enjoy spending time with him.

Joyous said...

My BFF is my husband, I can't go a day without him, and I look forward ALL day to him getting home from work so that we can eat together or watch a movie or snuggle, he is the best person I've ever known!

elizabeth said...

Such fun questions, Wilna!

I'd have to say that I honestly have a few BFF that came into my life at different times and stages. Really. I have a childhood friend that I grew up with, a met-in-middle school and talk on the phone three times a week still friend, a first year teacher best friend, a best scrapbooking friend, and of course, Matt : ) I'm lucky that they all play such an important and active part of my lives to this day : )

elizabeth said...

er, that should say my LIFE. i do not have multiple lives. eeek. ; )

Marla said...

Wilna I just love this!!!! Feeling bet! My best friend is my mom. Honestly, we talk everyday about anything - even though we only live miles apart. I can tell her anything and she is there to support me all of the time! It's one of the most special friendships in my life right now.

From the Heart said...

My best friend is my sister. we drew apart for a few years but over the past few years we have become soo close. Even though we live across the country from each other. I cannot go a day without talking to her. i love her soo much!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wilna,
My BFF is Adrienne, we have been friends since high school, about 23 years now... she lives in Cape Town & I in Durban but we speak to each other often. She is the sweetest person in the world and she totally gets me & has always been there for me. I love her to bits.
SA Scrapper
Lesley Otto

brenda (mizweb) said...

Hi Wilna,

My best friend is my hubby of 16 years. I have lots of girlfriends but he will always be the one that I will completely confide in.

BTW, thank you for the RAK book from MM...I just got's awesome!

Brenda (mizweb)

RN4JCHRIST said...

Hi Wilna!! love your Christmas page!!! I'd have to say my BFF is my hubby! He knows me better than I know myself! God knew we were meant to compliment each other! ~Dawn

Lauren said...

Really enjoying your blog!! Other than my hubby, my bff is my friend Tiffany, who listens and props me up, who loves me warts and all, and who never fails to tell me the truth, even when I don't want to hear it!

Sophia said...

My BFF has to be Natalie Keegan. We have known each other for over 15 years or so...

She has seen me at my worst and good times, she has always been my shoulder to cry on when needed. ALl, I can say, is thta I hope our friendship will outlost many more years together.