Tuesday, December 12, 2006

HO HO HO... day one of christmas is here!

This is the page I did for the christmas album for today. it's very appropriate for what's happening in my life at the moment... i am busy with gifts. YAY!! the ginger cookie dough is in the fridge chilling and the other cookies' ingredients are ready for me too! Yesterday i had such a fun filled afternoon. I decided to MAKE the raks for these 12 days! i bought note books and made them some pretty covers. i made 30 cards in packs of 5, and then i have 2 IKEA note books left that each got a card. So i hope you are just as excited as i am! All of you must play! i will ask a question everyday that you have to answer, and i will ask someone in the household to pick a number everyday out of my red box. All the raks are in packages ready to post already.here you can see!

today i want to know... your favorite music! tell me all about it
! by now you know how much i love Third Day, Tree63, M W Smith ect ect! and while on iTunes, i rediscovered Michael Card's music. I used to listen to him a lot a long, long time ago. now i am enjoying it again.

thanks a lot for all the kind words to Tia! she said it went fine! and i think she enjoyed herself very much. Tonight is their dress rehearsal for their play tomorrow night. you are all welcome to come!! the rest of the day i will be spending baking and rolling in flour. i love this different kind of creativity a lot! before i say goodbye, i want to know how those christmas albums are coming? show me! and then i want to leave you with one of my favorite scriptures! I KNOW it's going to warm your heart! Heb 13:5 for He [God] Himself has said, I will not in any way fail you nor give you up nor leave you without support. [I will] not, [I will] not, [I will] not in any degree leave you helpless nor forsake nor let [you] down (relax My hold on you)! [Assuredly not!]

remember to play!
love and a kiss


Dale Anne said...

Oh dear I'm a day behind. Hope Tia's ballet exam went well!
I am so enjoying your pages!!!
Today's is FABULOUS!

Favourite music - hard to say as we listen to CKUA out of Alberta (Public Radio on the satellite dish) and they play everything. I do like World Music the most I think its called that....hearing African musicians, Australian, etc. are so nice compared to the commericalized stuff out there.

Kellie said...

Hi Wilna, this is gonna be so much fun girlie, just hope I can remember to play everyday! :)

Does this nec. have to be holiday music?

I LOVE music! Depending on what mood I am I listen to different types.
A few fav's definately Coldplay, totally love them!
Also at bedtime I put on, "Sense and Sensibility's" soundtrack. It eases me right into a nice sweet sleep.

Dh plays guitar and I knew I had to marry someone who enjoyed music as much as myself.

Music makes the world go round', for me anyways. ;)

Kellie (aka babygotscraps)

Anonymous said...

I have 3 little ones and they love the classics. It so fun to hear them sing I love it. Congratulations on everything I am enjoying your progress. Pick me Pick me. Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season.

Jenifer Cowles

Kelly Goree said...

wilna - you're so darn stinkin' talented I can't hardly stand it! i'd be beyond thrilled to win a piece of your artwork :) would you count me in? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Wilma

I love all kinds of music. As you know we have Jacaranda out here in Tzaneen and they play excellent music. My favourit music is from the 80's. Currently I love the song from Shane Ward called No Promises.

Being portuguese I do enjoy latin music and especially portuguese music.

But I have to admit I love dancing to the music much more than just listening.

Thank-you for the Fun Game.

Take Care

Kelly Goree said...

oops - forgot to add my music selections - I'm a HUGE Nickelback fan (LOVE LOVE LOVE them) but also love music like Michael Buble and Harry Connick! ;)

As for Christmas music (since we're in the season and all ) I love the Carol of the Bells as my all time fave Christmas song :)

Lisa G said...

Hi friend,
I cannot narrow it down as I love way too many different genres of music. Music is just as much a passion to me as art. Right now I am loving the music from Pride & Prejudice, thanks to you, I finally saw it :)
I am also enjoying Christmas music with the children.
When you have a chance drop me an im as I need help on a situation. TTYsoon

Lisa stead said...

Wow those RAK's look so cool! You are so talented!

As for your question of the day, I love music...love to sing...love to listen...probably I listen to United Live (Hillsongs Youth) more than anything. Chris Tomlin is a fav...Newsboys...Oh there's too many to list. Right now with Christmas here I have the Third Day Christmas album going and the Point of Grace christmas album also playing...I love Christmas music and have a lot of different kinds...

Ok, I'd love to chat more, but I'm swamped today with baking...must run!

christaw said...

What gorgeous stuff!

I love all kinds of music-everything from country to rock to everything in between. My favorites are Nickelback, Rascal Flatts, and Chris Daughtery.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wilna - I love all Christian music, especially Third Day and Mercy Me. Love, love, love my Third Day Christmas CD. Thanks for your daily scripture verses to. They are so uplifting. I've been enjoying your blog with all the wonderful banners, layouts, and just hearing about your wonderful life. Thanks for sharing. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Dear Wilna:

What a wonderful idea! My most favourite music is the Vineyard CD's with Daddy Weaver, Michael Smith, Hillsong not far behind. There are many country songs I love with Christmas music of many kinds near the top also. Music is part of every day for me to get lost in, to be encouraged in, to encourage someone else in.

I love this verse from 1 Thess 5:17-18 from the Message... "Be cheerful no matter what; pray all the time; thank God no matter what happens. This is the way God wants you who belong to Christ Jesus to live." What a great way to live each day!


Peter and Roslyn said...

Wow! Today's page is absolutely beautiful!

To answer your question, my faves change almost daily. This week with the Christmas season approaching, I am feeling very homesick and so I am all about South African Music. I have been listening to Boo, Just Jinger, and a couple of mix CD's that 5FM released a while back... some reeeaaallly old songs. Then I also recently downloaded a couple of Miriam Makeba tracks, the click song makes me want to cry!! So this week my answer would be anything from home that has the happy upbeat Saffie sound that you just don't find anywhere else!


Patty S said...

I love 80's music....I guess because it brings back fun memories from high school and college! My favorite current band is Nickelback.
Have fun baking! Patty :-)

jill scripps said...

i LOVE India.Arie.

her music is SO inspiring to me.

love her raw honesty in her song writing.

cute stuff you made too!!:)

denean said...

Hi Wilna! I just LOVE your blog top! You must share how to do that on your help blog!

I love listening to klove.com - and right now Todd Agnew has really been tuggin on my heartstrings! Especially his new Christmas album - Do You See What I See - amazing!

Andrea said...

my all time favorite is jars of clay! right now i'm listening to my Jewel Christmas CD tons!

have a blessed day....thanks for sharing the amazing scripture :D

Mandy Ford said...

My favorite music jumps all over the place, but I would have to say my all time favorite group is Jars of Clay, with Ben Harper coming in 2nd. I also love the Dixie Chicks. :)

What a lovely scripture you shared today...so uplifting! I know we can all use those words now and then. :)

Elizabeth said...

ACK! I just typed a big long answer and it got eaten up by blogger. Bah.

Here goes again... ten of my favorite Christmas albums, in no particular order:

1. Dave Brubeck/A Dave Brubeck Christmas
2. Shawn Colvin/Holiday Songs and Lullabies
3. Vince Guaraldi/A Charlie Brown Christmas
4. various artists/NPR's A Jazz Piano Christmas
5. Ella Fitzgerald/Ella Wishes You a Swinging Christmas
6. Wynton Marsalis/Crescent City Christmas Card
7. Tchaikovsky/Nutcracker Suite
8. Duke Ellington/Three Suites
9. Harry Connick, Jr./Harry for the Holidays
10. Harry Connick, Jr./When My Heart Finds Christmas

Also, whenever you can get one of the retail samplers stores put out--Kohl's, Bath and Body Works, etc.--get it, because they have great gems on those!!

candice Stringham said...

I love Regina Spector and Corinne Bailey Rae right now. Ad for Christmas I love the classic singers like Bing Crosby. I am also just loving listening to the Pride and Prejudice sound track and Little Women.

Marga and Ella said...

I am really enjoying Snow Patrol at the moment but Frou Frou is definitely a tie. Long fav is always Jars of Clay (esp eleventh hour). As you know Ella is mostly a big U2 fan - esp on the not so big screen but with cool speakers.... you know where!

Jen Adams Donnelly said...

Music... mostly 80's alternative and smart rock, like Smiths, Depeche Mode, Elvis Costello, the Pretenders. I love WXRT in Chicago, plays everything I love (but a bit too much 70's Lep Zeppelin-Who type stuff.)

Melissa said...

Since my son is into Neo-soul, Gospel, Latin-Jazz fusion Christian music (whew! a mouthful) I listen to alot of music he introduces me to. Right now, I am listening to Israel Houghton's Christmas album. He is the one who wrote "I am a friend of God" and has a wonderful "world music" sound.

Barbara Zea said...

Awesome! These are my favorite artists:
KT Tunstall (favorite song - Suddenly I see)
Dave Matthews Band
Hem (Half Acre)
Natasha Bedingfield (Unwritten)
and many others. =)


Priya Venkat said...

Hi Willna,

I enjoy reading your blog everyday. Congratulations on your MMIDOL win. This is the first time I am posting a comment. I enjoy looking at your scrapbook pages and designs coz I think they are really unique. I have to confess I have scraplifted from your samples. Thank you for the ideas!

My fav music is always anything instrumental.
- Ravi Kiran's Chitraveena
- U. Srinivas's mandolin
- Kenny G.'s Saxophone
- Mali's flute

I find that they help me relax and unwind anytime, anywhere, anyday and anyway! Other than Kenny the other three are famous Indian music prodigys.

Marla said...

Wilna you're AWESOME!!! FAb idea my friend!!! So music...let's see. I love Coldplay, Death Cab for Cutie, Dave Matthews, The Killers...and with Christmas music I love Burl Ives and Harry Connick. Although anything old school, Dean Martin etc., works for me too!!!

Thanks for letting me play!

Dawn said...

hey Wilna...!
How does one choose a favorite? I have so many different ones I like. There is one cut that comes to mind that is found on the Revival in Belfast album by Robin Mark..."When It's All Been Said and Done"...it says it all for me.
Love, love, love that!

RN4JCHRIST said...

Hi Wilna! found your blog today! and lucky me, you're in a raking mood!! We have a common friend~Lisa G. *smile* I'm loving your blog, hope you don't mind if I stop in again. My favorites are: Chris Tomlin, MercyMe and ANY & ALL Praise & Worship! ~Dawn

Anna-Marie Still said...

Right now I'm groovin' to Lisa Loeb in my studio - in my car it's John Mayer!

jacqui said...

Hi Wilna

At the momnent I'm enjoying listening to Celine Dion's Christmas cd -Special times. Otherwise I enjoy Delirious & Hillsong. This looks like so much fun.
Love Jacqui

Sophia said...

Lucky No 30 is me...

Don't we just love music....

My fav is Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. You got love that one.

Not only is it the theme song for Greys, but I can listen to those words over and over again...there is just somehting about them that make it so enchanting.

Loving all your those goodies, I hope I can get one.

Keep Well, Wilna

micayla said...

Im a sucker for real music, none of that dance rubbish. I love marillion, snowpatrol, James Morrison, David Grey, James blunt........the list goes on!!!
Loving your crimbo albums Wilna, they rock girl!!

Anonymous said...

I love soulful / jazzy music. Some of my favourites
India Arie
Norah Jones
James Blunt
James morrison
Corrine Bailey Rae
John Legend
Robin Thicke
Heather Headley
Ernie Smith
Bebe and Cece Winans
Fred Hammond

I love your albums!
Sharma Samuels

Beth said...

Hi Wilna,
I found a new to me band called Desparation Band. They have a great song, "I'm coming after you, coming after you, coming after you, Jesus...." I love it. Also we just got a new CD from the praise & worship team in Chilliwack, BC... love it too.