Saturday, December 16, 2006

Day 5 of christmas is a snowy one

this is a super fast post as i am taking my kids to see "charlottes web" in 5 minutes. i made this page for my Christmas journal inspired by the word last night at our christmas banquet. If you click on the image and read the journaling it will be worth while. jana picked number 18 for yesterday's RAK... Marian won!!
OK... for today's RAK i want to know your 3 fav movies of all time. Mine is
1. Pride and Prejudice - read my review here
2. The Last Samurai
3. The sound of music

love and a quick kiss


Lisa Stead said...

Wow I love your new picture! That is so neat how you took the banquet message and made a page out of it...awesome!

Of course, you already know my favorite movies of all of them gets watched every major laundry day haha! I am a complete chick flick girl...and my fav 3 are:

1. Pride & Prejudice
2. Emma
3. Sense & Sensibility

All by Jane Austen...all loved and adored! I had the chance to read Pride & Prejudice and Emma last summer while spending time at the lake. I just LOVED seeing the whole picture for a change. There is so much that never makes it into the movies! The books have made it to my Christmas list this year and will hopefully find their way under my tree haha!

I hope to read more of Jane Austen's books in the future, even if it means a trip to the library haha! I shall have to search for that library card somewhere...

I hope you have a great day today Wilna! Enjoy Charlotte's web! Is that the new real life version? I think I saw an ad for it and thought wow, my kiddos will surely love that when it comes out :D

Ok, off to work with me...have a great day!

Oh and that was a great review of Pride & Prejudice!

Andrea said...

amazing journaling :D it so nice to put life into perspective!


1. Miracle Maker
2. What Dreams May Come
3. Sweet Home Alabama!

have a great trip to the movies...see you tommorow :D

Dawn said...

I am another Jane Austen fan..
1. Pride and Prejudice
2. Sense and Sensiblity
3. Emma
I never tire of them!

Barbara Zea said...

Favorite Movies...
Any movies by Renee Whiterspoon or Julia Roberts.

I dig chick flicks!


jill scripps said...

1. The Holiday! [seriously LOVED this!!!!!!!]
2. Ever After
3. Notting Hill

Peter and Roslyn said...

My favorite movies of all time are a wierd mix.

1. Lock, Stock and two smoking barrels
2. Boondock Saints
3. Princess Diaries...

hahah... skop, skiet en prinsessen!

Allyson Bright Meyer said...

1. Rudy
2. Moulin Rouge
3. The Sound of Music

How's that for variety, huh? (And love that we share a movie in common!)

Patty S said...

1) Lord of the Rings trilogy
2) Dirty Dancing (nobody puts Baby in a corner)
3) Titanic
Hope you enjoyed Charlotte's Web - we're going to see it over Christmas break from school. :-)

RN4JCHRIST said...

Hope you enjoyed Charolotte's Web, we actually going to attempt to see The Nativity today but time did not permit :(
I'm actually a HUGE Meg Ryan fan, and love ALL her movies, but if I had choose:
1. The Notebook
2. City of Angels
3. Grease

Sophia said...

I like those choices Wilna.

Mine would have to be:

If Only
The Notebook
50 First Dates

jacqui said...

Hi Wilna

My favourite movies of all time have to be :
1. Pride & Prejudice
2. The Notebook
3. Sense & Sensibility

~BethAnn~ said...

My favorite movies huh?
Mine would have to be
* Terms of Endearment
* My Best Friends Wedding (even with the horrid ending)
* The Wizard of Oz

Anonymous said...

wow thats a hard question...
#2.sixth sense
#3.what dreams may come

tfl Staci Cal

priya venkat said...

Wilna and Jaco,

Congratulations on 15 years of togetherness.

I very rarely dislike any movie. If I do then it means that it is really really really bad. I feel that the producers and directors, actors, editors etc etc put so much effort into making a movie, the least I can do is to like it.

Having said that, these are the movies that I'll always remember:
Nayagan - Tamil Language
Titanic - English
Baazigar- Hindi

Lois Dreger said...

Wow that is a tough one I like several movies...I guess some of my favs would be.

The Wedding Planner
Maid in Manhattan
Princess Diaries

Joyous said...

Wow, that's a hard one, I'd have to say that my 3 favorite movies are
1.Win a Date with Tad Hamilton
2. Stranger than Fiction
3.13 going on 30

Rachel Kulak said...

1. Fellowship of the Ring
2. Room with a view
3. Movies based on Jane Austen books too!

Sucker for great romance movies!

brenda (mizweb) said...

I really can't choose three...I love so many movies.

Three Favs are:
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (either one)
Moulin Rouge!
Star Wars (original three)

Going to read the others favs and add to my Netflix!

brenda (mizweb)

Sharon L. said...

1. Pride & Prejudice (by far my fave!)
2. Emma (another Austen story)
3. Little Women (You have got to watch wonderful!)

Anonymous said...

What a great page.
I love the sound of music,
Sweet home alabama and anything with Audrey Hepburn.

Fran Heupel

Anna-Marie Still said...

That's a tough one!

1) Napolean Dynamite
2) Footloose
3) All About Eve

Talk about a random blend! But those are the ones that came to mind!

maryna said...

i'm back.. will blog some today later.. just to catch up, fav music - anything rockish.. Swichfoot, Pillar, kutless, female vocal.. Krystal Myers, Jennifer Knapp Bands, United and male vocal, Shawn!! Fav food, anything i'm not allowed to eat.. Fav movie, anything Shawn will sit through with me.. at this time. Pride & Prejudice, RV, Cars (only because it is the one that shows at my house the most often, thought i should give it a mension) FAVORITE FRIEND - YOU, YOU, YOU..
love ya