Tuesday, December 19, 2006

day 8 of christmas celebrations!

it's actually Tuesday evening as i am writing this. today was the most hectic day for me this month. i am tired just thinking of it! i finished the last of my christmas shopping and ect ect. I am telling you from tomorrow i am going to slow down. THANK you so much for linking me to your pages!! i spend some time going through them all and i am amazed at all the creativity. thank. you.
i made this sweet page for my christmas journal from Norah Jones' song. Jaku said something to me today that was just the sweetest, kindest, most endearing words. and i am sure if he reads this he won't even remember what he said. the point is: the lyrics fit the emotion 100%:

What did you say
I know I saw you saying it
My ears won't stop ringing
Long enough to hear
Those sweet words
What did you say

this reminds me again that our words have so much power. we can make or break each other with our words. words are creative. words are powerful. we must mind our words. like jaku often tells me: engage with brain before accelerate with tongue. HA! so true. so true. i am travelling with jaku on wednesday to the clinic he is doing in the north of saskatchewan. a very remote clinic. and i packed a picnic lunch with baguette bread, brie and peppercorn gouda cheese, sparkling apple juice (awww... missing my appletizer from south africa!) and a few more goodies. i am looking forward to spending time with him. (that's why my blogpost is early)

i will draw day 7 and day 8's raks on thursday. so if you have not left a comment for tuesday, you still have time!! ----> for today's rak i want hear from you the following: which number's words describes you the best? you are only allowed to pick one number!! go with your very first thought
1. Determined directing, driving, and a doer
2. Inspiring influencing, impressing, and interacting
3. Sensitive, submissive, steady, stable, and security-oriented
4. Calculating, competent, compliant, cautious

tomorrow i will tell you more about this little quiz... it's something that i find very interesting and fascinating!
you must have a great day!

love and a kiss


jill scripps said...

i'm gonna go with #2!

have a wonderful trip!



Roxy Roller said...

I love your 12 days of Christmas - it is so fun!!!

Glad to hear you have a date with your husband, even if it is driving! Are you going to Sandy Bay? My mom worked as a nurse practitioner up there for quite a few years. It is a beautiful place, and the fishing is awesome!

Looking through your list, I would have to say that I am a #1! I am a little afraid, hopefully that won't be a bad thing when you tell us about this quiz!

Laura Solomon said...

#1. for me FOR SURE!

christaw said...

#1 for me too..

Barbara Zea said...

First thought... #1

Hope you had a *great* picnic.

Dawn said...

#2 hit me first.
The picnic lunch sounded so perfect. Yum! Glad you were able to spend that precious time with your dear Jaku.

~BethAnn~ said...

#3 is me!

jacqui said...

hi Wilna

It has to be #1. Hope you have a great time with Jaku.

Anonymous said...

#4.......that's me....

Staci Cal

Crystal said...

Well, I'm going to say I'm a number 4 as well. I hope you have a fun time with Jaku today!!

Joyous said...

I'm probably a 4 if I can only pick one! :)

Lois Dreger said...

I would have to say #1 for me :)
Hope you have fun on your picnic

Kirsten said...

This really had me thinking...I guess I'm #3...now I want to know what that means!

Dale Anne said...

I think I'm a #3.

I have been missing from the internet for the past couple of days, so missed your post about posting our blogs in our comments, here is mine:
Dale Anne's blog.

Anonymous said...

Out of all the numbers I think im a number 2. Happy Holidays.
Jenifer Cowles

Lina Ehlert said...

Hi Wilna,
Your picnic sounds so wonderful and romantic!
All of the points made me think - but #1 was my first thought as well.


Andrea said...

i'm so a 3! have a great time on your picnic :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Wilna

No 2 for me.

Have a great picnic.

lisa stead said...

I'm closer to number 1 than any other...

I can totally relate to your hectic days...I really hope that you have a good time today and are able to take some time out and relax!

I love your new page...seeing your stuff makes me wish I was a scrapbooker haha! It's so beautiful and always so creative...

Anyways, I'm short on time today...only a few more chaotic days till I can sit and put my feet up! Woohoo! Have a great day!

Peter and Roslyn said...

Hi WIlna,

I think that I am a number 3, or at least it's number 3 that more closely describes me than the others.

Have a fantastic picnic!! Sounds like fun!


Peter and Roslyn said...

P.S. Where is the paper on todays LO from? I love love love it!!

jennihaywood said...

Hi! I love the Blush paper you used from Basic Grey. It is just beautiful. I bought the entire pack and I am already done with my valentine's cards. This is one of my favorite lines that BG has come out with.
I am sooooo a #2 !!!!!!!
I was not able to post my blog address the other day.
My blog is: jennhaywood.blogspot.com
You should be able to click on my name at the top of this comment and it will take you to it. Thanks so much for doing these raks. I am always so inspired by your blog.

Patty S said...

#3 suits me best! :-)

Sharon L. said...

#4, but I think I have a little of every number in me!

serendscrappity said...

I am so a number 3
Love your blog!

Denean said...

I am soooo #3! :)

familyjames5 said...

i think number 3..although there are some parts of the others i can relate too as well.

hope you have a lovely day.