Thursday, December 21, 2006

day 9 of christmas raks is sunny and bright!

only minus 5 today. and the sun is shining. makes one want to tan on the deck! yesterday was truly blissful. it was a 3 hour drive up to deshambault lake and while Jaku worked, i had a leisure time in a warm and comfortable little condo. i washed my hair and curled up with a book. Lunchtime we had our picnic lunch and he had a snooze on the couch. after he went back, i had a 3 hour snooze and i am telling you it's a luxury that a mom with 3 kids and a busy life with the telephone always ringing, doesn't always have.
today i am house cleaning. but i just quickly had to come and announce the rak winners for day 7 and 8. Tia picked number 11 for day 7 and number 7 for day 8. Day 7 was a tricky one and i did not count the deleted comments or a name twice and i came to bethann! but for day 8 bethann is number 7! hie-hie. you were bound to win a rak on my blog girl! i asked kirsitn to pick another number and she picked number 8. yay for Jacqui! i need both of your addresses!
this christmas journal is one of the promises that God has given me for 2007. He gave it to me way back in June, but i really felt it will come to pass this year. it's so near and dear to my heart that i just had to scrapbook it!
i really had a good giggle at all of your numbers! i am number 2 without a shadow and number 1 close on it's heels. Years ago i was introduced to the personality profiles. it really helped me so much working with people that it's embedded into me! i know all the profiles by heart and it's a great tool to improve relationships simply because one understands the other better and sort of know what makes them tick. it's not a label in any way but an indication of how to approach someone and it taught me to thread carefully. it makes life fun and exciting!

I. The first personality temperament is the "Choleric," or commonly known as "D" Behavior.
A. The "D"personality is an active/outgoing, task-oriented personality.
B. "D" personalities are domineering, directing, driving, and doers.
1. "D's" are motivated when they are challenged and in control.
2. "D's" prefer to be in positions of authority.
C. Even though "D's" may have a bossy personality, they do have several strengths.
1. They are self-disciplined and determined.
2. They are strong leaders.
3. They easily accept various and difficult assignments.

III. The second personality temperament is the "Sanguine," or commonly known as the "I" Behavior.
A. The "I" personality is an active/outgoing, people-oriented personality.

B. "I" personalities are inspiring, influencing, impressing, and interacting with others.
1. "I's" are motivated to seek approval and recognition.
a. "I's" prefer to be in the spotlight and to motivate others.
C. "I's" have many strengths.
1. They love to be around people.
a. They initiate conversations.
b. They are friends with everyone in a crowd.
2. They are very optimistic

IV. The third personality temperament I will discuss is the "Phlegmatic," or commonly known as the "S" Behavior.
A. "S" personalities are passive/reserved, people oriented individuals.

B. "S's" are submissive, steady, stable, and security-oriented people.
1. "S's" are motivated when they are in situations where they have support and stability.
a. "S's" don't like surprises.
b. "S's" need time to adapt to changes.
2. "S's" prefer to be submit to authority, than to be in authority.
C. "S" personalities have many strengths.
1. "S's" are loyal and faithful.
2. "S's" work well under pressure. 3. "S's" are negotiators instead of fighters.

V. The last personality temperament is the "Melancholy," or what is commonly known as the "C" Behavior.
A. The "C" personality is a passive/reserved,task-oriented personality.
B. The "C" personality is competent, compliant, cautious, and calculating.
1. "C's" are motivated to do a job correctly and with quality.
2. "C's" are known as thinkers and perfectionists.
C. "C's" have many strengths.
1. They give attention to details.
2. They are intelligent.
3. They have high standards.

NB NB NB: this is in NO way a given! it's just an indication and comprehensive studies have shown that we all fall primary in one group and secondary in another! so for today's RAK i want to know how true this is for you (and your loved one??!!)!

love and a kiss


lisa stead said...

Very cool, I have done some studies on that before also. I used to fall more into the Sanguine category with choleric as a 2nd. I'm thinking I probably border along both right now...Selling Epicure has really forced me to be a real go-getter and a leader. Having 12 girls under me now has definitely had some impact on my moving towards the choleric side of things lol. And I know that my sister will always say that I'm bossy, bossy, bossy :P But I also fall strongly into the people side of things too. I really enjoy being out with people and having a great time. I am often in the spotlight and have to initiate conversations and such...that's part of business haha! And yes, I'm incredibly optimistic. Wow I can't stand pessimism at I'd have to say I fall strongly into both categories now...

I've never really looked at it for Mike before...I'm thinking he'd be in the Sanguine and Phlegmatic categories...

Hehe, just skimming through the melancholy one makes me laugh because that is my Dad to a tee...

Anyways, hope you're having a great day today! So nice to hear that you had a great day yesterday!


Lois Dreger said...

LOL...well I am definately Choleric :)
As for Kyle I am not sure I will have to get him to check this out :)

p.s. ....and Lisa is bossy :P hehe

Andrea said...

i'm so Phlegmatic and my dh Richard is very Choleric! so least everyone has their strengths! have a very blessed day house cleaning...i'm saving mine for tomorrow :D

christaw said...

Mine was mostly right but I alittle of the C personality too.

Anonymous said...

yep!! sounds about right.....Staci cal

Peter and Roslyn said...

Mines pretty good, just a bit off on the adapt to changes bit. I LOVE change and adapt very well.... but otherwise it's me... also very cancerian traits... I am SOOO cancerian...

Kirsten said...

Yes! I think I am Plegmatic...though that word sounds kind of yucky...funny, I was leaning a bit towards the Sanguine personality, and that is very fitting as well. But this nailed me: I detest surprises and...well, let's just not talk about changes, okay? As for my husband, he couldn't be more Melacholy :) Thanks again for the introspection!

jacqui said...

Hi Wilna
Thanks for chosing me as a winner! Please don't enter me again, I'll just keep answering your questions. I have to agree with the description of my personality. Sounds like you had a lovely day with Jaku and pampered yourself. Will email you my address.