Tuesday, January 30, 2007


There is a saying in Afrikaans: "soms moet jy fluister en soms moet jy skreeu dat die kranse antwoord gee" freely translated it says: sometimes you have to whisper and sometimes you have to shout so that the mountains might answer you. That's what this page is all about. The background is acrylic paint that i scribbled in while still wet.

See the banner? well, I am not good with self-inflicted-torture. Just can't do it. I made the banner for my blog for Feb, but couldn't wait to put it up. I know, in this case delayed gratification did not work it's charm!

I got to meet JAYME from scrapbook fanatics this weekend and I just want to apologise Jayme for my tired eyes and wind-blown hair. I really wanted to look my best but then I figured if you still love me after this we will be friends for life!! If you live in Canada (or the US) check her store out!! I am also on her design team... I just have to start designing!! (on my to-do list for later today!!) You are a doll and a sweetheart Jayme!!

Wanna have a hilarious giggle? Click here. Ok, I know my brother will not think it's funny.

Want to be inspired and get some everyday-wonderful-motivation for being mom and wife and artist? Click here. Sherelle totally did it for me yesterday. What an amazing woman. Thanks girl.

I took my little red box and asked Jaku to draw 2 numbers and Jana to draw one... and the winners of the IKEA goodies are: 7: Dale Anne, 15: Monica, 24: Kimber Leigh!! Please email me!!

I really want to share a wonderful word that is busy changing my life, my outlook and my peace for the better: 1 Peter 3: 4But let it be the inward adorning and beauty of the hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible and unfading charm of a gentle and peaceful spirit, which [is not anxious or wrought up, but] is very precious in the sight of God.
Us women know how to worry. we worry and fret and are anxious and stress and fight and strive and steam. Yet, God says that a gentle and peaceful spirit, which is not anxious or wrought up, is very precious in His sight. I am getting it. I really, really am. My prayer is that you will write this out and carry it with you or paste it on your bathroom mirror and read it everyday. Because the good news is we do NOT have to worry. Jesus died so that we don't have to worry. God tells us not to worry. Isn't that good news?

free smileysI have two more IKEA goodies to give away today. I am doing a little write-up for Making Memories and they asked me a question that I want to ask your help with. For these 2 RAKS i want you to ask me a question. I have to write something on questions that people have asked me about Making Memories and being on the team. Do you have one for me? Please ask away!! I will appreciate your questions SO much!!

Ok, what a mouthful for a Tuesday! Jaku is busy assembling our IKEA stuff, but believe me, my cordless screwdriver is also charged!

Love and a kiss


Anonymous said...

Vista Ha Ha watch it.

Your Brother
(I still love you)

Dale Anne said...

For a question:
Does MM give you set rules for your designs for them or are you able to do free reign on anything as long as it goes with their theme - or do they even set a theme?
And, THANKS for the RAK - I believe you already have my address!!!

happydays525 said...

Hi Wilna!

Just curious if MM, (or other design teams) request that you use certain products on layouts that will be used for them, or as the above poster mentioned do they ask for a certain themed layout, etc...also, is there a deadline to meet? Do you ever get free products from them to use?!?! :) And, once you submit pages to them do they use them regardless or do they go through a screening/approval process and then get used or rejected? Can you tell that I would LOVE to be on a design team?!?! Any advice on that as well? Thanks so much! p.s. Thanks for the calming message today too, I needed it! :) Jen

Kimber-Leigh said...

Wilna...do you ever find using certain "assigned" products to be a challenge to incorporate into your style? If so, how do you overcome that as a designer?

lisa stead said...

Hi Wilna! Wow I just LOVE your page this time...I totally love how you were drawing in the wet paint or whatever it was haha...looks awesome!

MM question...Do they give you enough time for your projects or are you always scrunched for time?

Yes, I heard through the grapevine that you guys were in Edmonton while we were...how funny! I hope you had fun at Ikea...we never even went there. The conference though was most awesome though and I really need to sit down and really go through everything as I learned so much in so little time that I felt like a filled up sponge and was starting to miss stuff. So I know if I go back to my notes and really look things over and do a review I'll get a lot more out of it again.

Ok, before I go...one cool thing that really stuck with me from the conference hehe..."When the world shouts 'No way' or circumstances all around say 'No way' we need to shout back at them 'Yaweh!' (of course pronouced Ya way haha). Basically through God all things are possible and He makes a way where there seems to be no way...I just love that though...you just have to say it with a bit of attitude and a roll of the eye haha...Yah...way....it totally cracks me up...

Ok, that's all I have to say for now...I have a lot of work to get done around here hehe :D Have a most awesome day!!!


Kimberly White said...

Awesome layout Wilna ... what a neat idea to doodle in the paint! Thanks for today's inspiration. Kim

Patty S said...

Hi Wilna!
I love your banner...it's so pretty!
My question....How does MM coordinate the colors on the projects you do?...I've noticed that as you turn the pages in their books the layouts/projects come from different designers, but the colors coordinate so perfectly. It seems to be planned that way - is it? Thanks for the opportunity to ask because I've always been curious about that! :-)

Anonymous said...

afternoon Wilna!

My question: does MM just send you a ton of product and let you do/use what you want for an assignment? do you get to see blue proofs of a book before it prints or do you just send the project and see it when it comes out?

have a great rest of the day!

-andrea g.

Anonymous said...

afternoon Wilna!

My question: does MM just send you a ton of product and let you do/use what you want for an assignment? do you get to see blue proofs of a book before it prints or do you just send the project and see it when it comes out?

have a great rest of the day!

-andrea g.

The Mad Aunt said...

Hi Wilna

This is awesome - I would love to know from you how you feel about being on the design team - did you always KNOW that is where you would be?

Do MM Direct you in terms of themes/projects/colour schemes/products or do you have your own scope - deadlines I am sure are tough - but the MM staff always seem so friendly and helpful at shows they APPEAR to work like an amazing clockwork team - are they?

Lastly your words once again are PERFECT and confirmation of some of my readings lately! Thank You


DeniseLynn said...

Wilna ... Most importantly: thanks for the spiritual encouragement today. I am in the middle of an "ugly" day and am so thankful for your words of truth and light.
I have not taken time to read all other comments and yet don't want to repeat a question but am wondering what kind of deadlines you have (life is crazy for most moms so are the deadlines difficult to stay on top of)? Also do you have artistic freedoms or do they give strict guidlines. Oh what fun to be on the design team.

Jenny said...

I want to know if you work on your projects straight away and have plenty of time beofre the deadline or do you leave it all to the last minute?

Love your painted background!

Liz Ness said...

Love the Mac joke, too funny! Also, thanks for the entire post, the inspiration, the pointers, and the request. You are such a giving person and I am so grateful to "know" you!

Now, on to a few questions...Do you often use MM paint, or do you prefer something else? If you are using MM paint, do you have plans to write a MM book about your AWESOME techniques? Through MM do you envision yourself giving classes, specifically devoted to bringing paint into scrapping? (Okay, the motivation is that I LOVE MM paint and would love to see them expand here. In my mind you'd be the perfect person/artist to help them do that!)

HUGS to you, Wilna!

Patti said...

My question would be:

How do you keep the inspiration and creativity flowing and producing beautiful works of art every time while designing for MM and juggling all the family responsibilities too?

Thanks for the reflection Wilna!!:)

Brek Noice said...

Do you do all of your stuff all on your own, or do the MM designers get together for creative meetings, etc? I've always wondered how things in the books seem to flow so smoothly when everyone obviously has their own style.


Andrea said...

Do you have every colour of MM paint? isn't it the best :)

Your banner is awesome...and, i LOVE your layout!!!!

iralamija said...



Joyous said...

What's your favorite part of being on the MM team?