Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It works always except sometimes...

this is what Jaku's professors taught him in med school about the medical science. And it works in scrapbooking just like that.

let me explain

I have a philosophy that when you work on a page or project, you hit a point that it looks like a disaster BUT if you persist past that point, things work out. It comes together.


Except last night. The page is still a disaster. ha-ha. I will maybe show you sometime. But the thing is, I will put it in my album and look back on it with love and sweetness because it's a refection of where I am at at this point. Oh and it's NOT the page over here.

free smileys Thanks for all the amazing and clever questions! WOW! I would not have thought to ask them. seriously. I will hint when and where you can look for the answers. THANKS AGAIN!
Jana pick 2 numbers from the little red box. Number 1. But my dear brother can't win a RAK because the fine print says that no immediate family members are allowed to enter into the competition. hie-hie. So Joyous! and Lizz-ness please email me!

I ordered this book at last (because of Ali!! -see her news letter). I think I need a new philosophy.

My valentine class is starting tomorrow! YAY! this wait was sheer torture. BUT the good news is that registrations are allowed until the 14th. So. If you are still considering, please go for it. It's going to be much much more than just a online class. Really-really.

Ok, another thing that one of Jaku's professors use to say is: engage with brain before accelerate with tongue. YEP. that's for me! ha-ha
Have a fabulous day. I have had my starbucks sugarfree caramel macciado already. No wonder I am bouncing off the walls today!

love and a kiss


Anonymous said...

Hi Wilna,
a quick kwessie on stitching paper - do you use a particular needle? Do you relax the tension or lower the feed-dogs? Am nervous to try with my new machine... any advice welcome. Have u tried embroidery cottons?
The hand-made effect is so worth it. Tx

Wilna said...

Hee-hee. I bought a new brother machine from Wal-mart ONLY for stitching paper. You have to play with the tension till you are satisfied. I use "normal" needles and thread. I do change my needle often (about once a month) as thry become dull. I will try some enbroidery thread! thanks for the tip!

Andrea said...

Can't wait until tomorrow :)

I would love to see your page...i betcha it's gorgeous :)

have a blessed day,

Patti said...

I would love to see 'the page' you talk about too ~ i bet it is FAB Wlna!!

Jaku has a wise professor! My husband tells me I should do the latter advice more often. LOL!!

Congrats ladies on the RAK!

Have a great day Wilna!!

lisa stead said...

Haha! Love that advice about engaging brain before accelerating tongue...I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have gotten my mouth into huge trouble hehe...I *think* I'm getting better....*think*...*hope*....haha!

Joyous said...

OH! How exciting! I will email you right away!

saffiertje said...

Hi wilna,

This page is great! love the journalling; the song of Micheal W. Smith...isn't it?
U make great things!
Greetings from the netherlands by