Monday, January 8, 2007


i am working on a page so that i can post it! so, i am being a good blogger!
here is something to amuse you in the mean time.

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OK, not done with the page yet. I must say that Ali's news letter made me think. I don't usually jump on the band wagon with everything being said and done in this industry, but i loved the idea of having a WORD that says something of 2007. Yes. I have a word. And i am busy working on a page that i will post later. (need to get some pictures done first)

a little sad news is that my NIKON D70s is at the camera-doctor. My LCD Screen just went blank and now it's being operated on. So i am without it for 6-8 weeks. OUCH! considering that i was joint to the hip with this baby! i definitely passed a test as i did not threw a tantrum. nope, not one. good, good girl.

so this past weekend good and faithful sony cybershot was dusted off and came along for the ride and i took some pictures. i love the one with Jaku and his cell. this is a very accurate picture of him. always having the thing to his ear. me? i don't know where mine is half the time and the other half it's dead. hee-hee. if you don't know this, i don't like telephones at all. and that's being put mildly. the picture of Jana was taken this morning and we just had such a laugh with her. she is getting the absurd sense of dress... and exploiting it totally. and the middle picture is of all the books we bought this weekend. we went to 3 different bookstores and just freaked out. we love, love books. both of us. yes, Johann, remember that readers are leaders. (and books on U2 doesn't count!)

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we also had Len Zoeteman at the Church this weekend and it was mind blowing to say the least. we got home so late last night that i am still sleepy! i am going to post the word-page later so talk soon!

love and a kiss
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Kimberly White said...

Lovely picture collage Wilna! Looking forward to seeing what you create for your word! I feel the same way about my cell phone -- but my camera goes with me almost everywhere lol! Have a great day!

Kimberly White said...
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lisa stead said...

Hmmm, both our cell phones are sitting in the kitchen dead...that reminds me I need to call that company and adjust those plans LOL. We are surely paying for something we hardly use.

I totally hear you on Yana's desire to dress herself and all that. Katie is like that too. Thankfully, "most" times that Katie picks something out, it matches at least haha! But yesterday she was coming out of church with jammies on and no socks and lovely white dress was a wonderful combination haha.

Yes, I can honestly say my mind was blown away this weekend also. Not necesarily from what he said, but from something that God showed me. He is and likely always will be one of my fav speakers to come. I always wish he could stay longer when he's here. Such a presence of God this weekend! Wow my heart is just getting full thinking about it...

Anyways, I can't wait to see your page...I'm sure it'll be awesome!!!


Lisa said...

Oh I forgot to say...I love your cartoon clip bahahahah!

Lisa again... said...

Yes, I am the official bloq no, j/k.

I just skipped down to Ali's blog where she was talking about a word for 2007. As I was reading, I had a word come to mind that pretty much sums up what I think 2007 will be for me..."Trust". I know that for me there are a lot (and I mean A LOT!) of changes coming through this year and honestly I'm not a huge fan of changes. Trust. I know that there are things that need to happen this year that life claims to be impossible. Trust. Where there seems to be no way, God will make a I've so often this month found myself in Prov 3:5-6...Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding...yes, 2007 for me I know, will be a year of trust...

Okies, I'm quitting your blog now for today haha...hope you're having a great one!


Jana said...

Sorry to hear about your camera but hopefully it'll come back to you better than ever! Can't wait to see what your "word" is!!