Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday night

Ok, so our friend Johann tells me tonight to open my eyes. Duh? My eyes are open, I tell him.
Until I looked in the mirror.
Sleep. Deprived. Late nights. Wonderful things happening.

I have SO much to tell you. But I first need to sleep.

And if anyone needs more HEARTS, please email me! I will email them to you gladly!

Sleep tight


Anonymous said...

hope you had a wonderful weekend! I had a great day with the family yesterday.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Anonymous said...

OMG...can totally relate to being sleep deprived! I seriously need to close my eyes and it's only 2.30pm (our time)

Anonymous said...


oops! I meant I hope you have a fantastic week! Guess I'm tired too! :)

-andrea g.

Patti said...

Sleep deprived.... isn't that the motto of mothers?? LOL!

Can't wait to hear about your weekend.:)

The Mad Aunt said...

Hi Wilna its the 19th - randam fact about me - I love to scrapbook in the early morning when my whole family is sleeping! Did it yesterday and did a WOW page - a really WOW page that went together so nice and quickly even though it is full of technique! Have a wonderful day and I hope you caught up on your sleep! Claire

Andrea said...

Sounds like you had an incredible weekend! Can't wait to hear about it!!! Have a blessed sleep :)

Sara said...

Get some rest! Wouldn't want your creative juices to slow down!

Lisa G said...

YA! Your home, sleep tight with the sweetest dreams :)

me..... said...

Hi there my friend. Glad you had an awesome weekend. Please remember to share some of the wisdom you learnt this weekend with us your faithful fans. Love ya lotsa jelltots

caro said...

had an awsome weekend too - celebrated hubby's birthday by visiting cheetah & wild dogs :

Also eventually broke out of scrappers block, by doing a page on ice-cream. Is there a term for "technique-lifting". Loved the fun of stitiching,paint & writing on top of it all...

have a lekker day

jacqui said...

Hi Wilna glad you had a great weekend. I did too.

Monikinha said...

Hi Wilna
I'm glad that you had an awesome weekend. Can't wait to hear about the wisdom you learnt in the seminar. But now have a good sleep and have sweet dreams!!

happydays525 said...

Have a good rest wilna! It's good to have friends to remind us of what's important some times...taking care of ourselves! :)

longnecklady said...

cannot wait to hear all about what you have to tell us!

I would love some hearts.


Anonymous said...

Hi Wilna,
glad you had a great week-end.
try and get some well needed sleep.

Fran Heupel

Anna-Marie Still said...

I hope to play with your hearts Monday! I'll let you know!

Jana said...

Be sure & take good care of yourself!!

Michelle M said...

I would love to have some hearts, after you get some sleep of course.