Friday, March 16, 2007

Exciting times!!!

Ok... so I have been thinking. I have one of the most special anniversaries coming up on March 22: My scrapbook anniversary! It's something that I have celebrated with my scrapbook friends every year! except last year. I did not really know any scrapbook friends except Lisa Guidry and Andrea Gibson!! (smooches to you) and of course Elbie and Eurika (smooches to you 2 beautiful ladies too!!). But this year I know many more and I am in the mood to celebrate. Will you join me for a few day's of FUN here? And lots of fun give aways and raks!

On my first scrapbook-day celebration, I got my 3 favorite scrapbook friends together and we all had coffee and cake at Woolworths (sigh, missing my woolies!) and made some tags. Of course I promised to only copy them and give them back. But in the end I could not part with them!! hee-hee.

So, this year I want to do this again. Only this time it would be a cyber coffee and cake and a few other niceties and favorites and cuddly things!

Wanna play?

This is how it's going to work. Everyone who considers themselves a scrapbook friend, please make me a tag ( 6"x3") about YOU! I would love it if there was a picture of you on it. And something about you. (Look at the tag I made for Lisa G in my sidebar) This idea comes from the Making Memories Metal books.
Please DO NOT MAIL this to me, only email me an image! I will print them out and make a page or two about it just like I did here! I will also post them on my blog. Here's the fun part: From all of those who send me a tag, I will draw a name for a Making Memories SHOW AND TELL book!! YAY!! And remember, you get to keep the tag! I would love it if you start sending the tags to me even from today, so that I can post it on my blog the whole week until Thursday the 22nd when I will announce the winner of the show and tell book. I will send a beautiful Easter cuddly bunny to the girl who send me the first tag !! and everyday I will be giving away little surprises to those who comment and play along! AND I will also make a tag and email it to all who send me one!

Today, I want to kick the party off by asking you to link me to your blog. I want to make a sidebar list of all my scrapbook friends. So, those who have blogs, link me and see your name appear. And those who don't have blogs, link me to your galleries. And those who don;t have either, well, tell me something random about yourself.

And let see who wins the bunny!Smileys


Lisa G said...

Awww, you are too sweet and I am so proud to be your friend :) A very happy anniversary on this special day for you and us because if you would have not started to scrapbook, then we would have not been blessed with your awesome talent. I love my tag and it is hanging in my scraproom.

And I have a bunny from Wilna and it is so totally cute!

My blog:

Sara said...

Well, I don't really know you...but I read your blog diligently and I scrapbook! I would love to make a tag for you...hopefully my little one will nap long enough!

Joyce said...

Happy Scrapaversary! I don't have a website or a gallery up, but I did want to say that I enjoy your blog, and I especially appreciate it when you share what God has been teaching you. It has been an encouragement to me!

Marla said...

Wilna Happy Anni to you!!!!! If I can find some time I'll make you a tag because it's such a cute idea!!! Maybe the baby will give me a minute or 10!!!

Barbara Zea said...

I'll work on my tag today! Great Idea.

Kimber-Leigh said...

this sounds fun! I'll have to start thinking :)

my blog:

Wilna said...

YAY!! I am so excited about this Scrapaversary! (thanks Joyce for this word!)

Anonymous said...

you are just adorable!

I will make a tag - soon. can't today - too swamped.

I will have a blog soon. Won't be a scrapbooking blog, won't be a personal blog, ;). I'm sure I'll have more questions about blogging - like I've already asked you.

Love this blog - love you! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!

-andrea g.

Joy said...

Hi Wilna... I'll play. I love working on tags...I usually try a new technique that I've been afraid to try on a larger scale...

My Blog is:

Jenny said...

I also love the word so happy Scrapaverasry to you. I think you have visited by blog before and I have had you on my links there for quite a while now, but here it is again:

Jenny said...

Oh and I meant to add that I miss buying the Woolies food! We have a Woolworths here, but it's more like Pick 'n Pay actually

Staci said...

off to work on my tag!! but here is my blog

happy scrap anniversary too...

happydays525 said...


You're already linked on my blog cuz I love ya so much! ;)

I'll be making a tag, though probably in a couple days time as I have family visiting now.

My Blog:

Happy Scrappy Day!

Kimberly White said...

What fun Wilna!
Here's a link to my blog:

Have a wonderful day!

Andrea said...

How fun!!! i'll work on my tag soon!!!
here is my blog...

Thanks Wilna :)

jacqui said...

Hi Wilna

The tag challenge sounds like fun. My blog address is :
It still needs a lot of work. Maybe this is just the nudge I need to update it.....


priya said...

Hi Wilna,

What a creative way to celebrate an anniversary. Wont be able to email you the tag as I dont have a scanner at home or even nearby. Plus you'll have to settle for a random fact about me as I dont have a blog or a gallery- I dont like socks with holes in them. I just dont. First sign of hole I toss them.


Misty said...

Hey Wilna! I feel like I'm your friend - after reading your blog every day! I love your tag on your side bar and I'll see if I can come up with something cool. Sounds like fun! My blog -

Crystal said...

O wow! It's been a while and you've come a long way, but I still find your work as inspiring as when I furst stumbled upon it! Keep it up! Come visit me at either of my blogs:

Happy Scrapaversary Wilna!

Crystal said...

O wow! It's been a while and you've come a long way, but I still find your work as inspiring as when I furst stumbled upon it! Keep it up! Come visit me at either of my blogs:

Happy Scrapaversary Wilna!

longnecklady said...

I'm in! That's going to be difficult for me, but good. You know when you have sooo many things you like and have to narrow them down? aghhhh!



Kirsten said...

Tags are just my style right about now...small, efficient creativity...let's see if I can drum something up. You are just too fun!

Elaine said...

Hi Wilna,

Happy Scrap-Versary!! I am ready to take your challenge...I think. Lately I have been having fun shopping for new goodies but not finding the time to actually scrap with them, but I up for the challenge! Thanks for the inspiration!
I consider you a 'friend' b/c I visit your blog regularly and am always inspired by your work and your words.

Thank you for sharing with us!


Sara said...

Forgot to link you to my blog! I'm in the process of combining my personal blog with my "creative" blog. :)

Jan said...


Did you know you had so many scrappy friends?!!! I blog-surfed my way to you one day and have been coming back regularly ever since. Love your scrap designs and admire your openness in talking about your faith. Happy anniversary. I'll get working on a tag!

Visit my blog, "Reveling in the Ordinary," at

DeniseLynn said...

Ok that's it - by the time we move into our new home and get settled I'd better get new computers stuff, including a scanner that works - or else *insert rolling eyeballs here*!!
Would so LOVE to do the tag thing Wilna but won't be ready until I'm ready. *wink* Better not give my hubby a hard time about the computer especially now that I'm getting my dream house - one thing at a time, I know, I know!! Hugs to you!

Kim F 267 said...

Hi, Wilna! I will definately make a tag! This sounds like fun. I just ordered the Show & Tell Book - but I will play along anyway:^)

Here is my blog:

albenton said...

:) Hi, Wilna! Here is my blog: I'm just starting it up but I'm really excited about it! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I wanna play! Count me in. The stress is off - I just finished my MM Idol project for Monday's voting. Now I'm off to make my tag. What fun. What a great way to celebrate while getting to know other scrappers.
I just recently started reading your blog and now read it almost daily. Thanks a ton for the inspiration.

jennifer h said...

I admit I am a lurker, I always read and admire but never comment.

I will leave my blog address, just getting used to the whole idea of posting my LO (which most of the time I don't think are post worthy), but I hope you will add me.

Have a great weekend!

iralamija said...

Hi! Wilna! I have you on my fav blogs since a long time ago.. You can see my blog at:

Bety :)

Littleone's Scrapbook Journal said...

What a fun way to get us involved. I can't wait to go make my tag now. Thanks for the challenge.

christaw said...

I love reading your blog so I will link mine here:

Patty S said...

Hi Wilna! I'm going to work on my tag this afternoon. :-)
Here's my blog...

leslie said...

Hi Wilna! I have been MIA for the past week or so, and missed all the fun. I am going to see if I can get a tag out this week. So fun!
Here's my bloggy! Thanks!

Liz Ness said...

Here's a link to me (you've been linked via mine for a long while, know I love ya' girl)!



PS: A Tag is coming!