Thursday, March 15, 2007

How are you?

I am fine now, thank you. Yesterday I had a day that I don't wish on anyone. You know those times when the cares and responsibilities and everything just wears you down? It felt as if someone just hang this very heavy cloak around my shoulders. The Bible calls it a spirit of heaviness. You know? God is good. He gives us beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. And last night as I just made a decision to praise Him, it fell away from me. That's the only real remedy for this horrible feeling. It helped a lot that Jaku just let me be. He loved on me by just being non demanding. I appreciate that. I appreciate him!

So, today I am good. I know as a christian we are not guaranteed no trouble, but we are guaranteed joy, peace and hope in that trouble. YEA! Love that!

Please check out Keisha's beautiful page of my girl Tia! And please tell her how awesome that page is!! After this, I am sure going to!

This page is one I created for our 2006 Hall of Fame class' circle album. We are all sending our images in digitally and then we are getting a book printed. Cool eh? We all had to answer questions for the journaling. I just wrote mine in essay form. Most of my deadlines are met. YAY! And today I am having lunch with a good friend and the rest of the day I will smile lots and be thankful for the grace of God!

It was today, ONE YEAR ago, that I got that awesome call from Lisa Bearston, telling me I won the Hall of fame. One wonderful year.

Lots of hugs today!


Dale Anne said...

OH that page is FABULOUS!
Every day I am inspired by your work and your faith.

happydays525 said...

Sorry to hear that you had such a trying day yesterday, hope that things are looking up for you today. Love the layout, it always amazes me how you use things that I would never put together on a page and it turns out beautifully! You really are so talented and good at what you do.

I have some exciting scrappy news and I want to just say thanks to you Wilna, you've provided so much inspiration and really have helped to build my confidence to a level that is just making me go..go..go! Your positive energy is spreading!

I'm going to go listen to your call again! :) Have a happy day!

Dawn said...

What a sweet tribute and outpouring of your heart's desire!
You are a blessing, dear Wilna!

Andrea said...

Hi understand those days! Trying to brush the sad feelings aside and i'm continuing to praise Him and listen to wonderful music :) God bless you my dear friend!

longnecklady said...

Sometimes when we won't slow down ourselves God slows us down and just makes sure we remember who's in control and who we should be praising. Sometimes I wish I could figure that out so he doesn't have to do it for me.

Love the layout.