Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Quick post!

I did 9 of the 10 points below... except scrapbook. I made a little mini album! We have wonderful and dear family visiting us for 3 days (this is Emile-Jaku's aunt and the man) and I just HAD to made them a special memento. I used THIS class from Ali to base my album on. My Maya road album was the portrait one... So I had to adapt it a little. But it's sweet and small and I really know they are going to love it.

So, it's only 7:42 and the washer and dryer is going. I love these events that force us to clean up out lives a little!



Melissa Salomon said...

Wilna, What you began...a discussion on journaling....has continued in my neck of the woods. I got a question this morning that I just had to respond to. I thought you would enjoy hearing about what the snowball you began is producing.....

This is what I wrote in my blog:

A friend asked me this morning what I meant by “journaling.” I shared some thoughts with her and thought perhaps my other scrapbooking friends might find some encouragement in what I shared with her……

Yes, “journaling” is writing down the thoughts of your heart. Yes, it takes some time, don’t rush yourself. Sometimes it comes to you in the middle of the night…..all of a sudden. Other times, it reveals itself to you a bit at a time….it is all part of the creative process! I can’t tell you either how long it should be. Sometimes I am very succinct…at other times, I go on and on…..it depends on what spills out of your heart. It is an adventure, to be sure.

I did one layout for my son entitled, “The Man I Hope you Become”….and I had alot to say there!

Take the concept….the title (maybe one that I suggested or one that just says it all for you…) and speak to that ….yes, write about your feelings and thoughts……let’s see what you capture. It will be wonderful and perfect because they are the little treasures you have stored up in your heart. Sometimes I hear, “It is so hard to journal. I don’t know what to say!” In fact, we all have plenty to say. I think if you just give yourself some time, quiet and space….those thoughts and feelings are just ”screaming”‘ to be released! You don’t have to manufacture them, just seek them out, identify them and live with them a bit in your heart and mind and then let them live on the pages of your scrapbook. That result will not only reflect you– because they are authentic– but they will nurture you and even future generations! Isn’t that something exciting to think about?

I am getting far to philosphical for this early in the morning. Just enjoy the journey. Let me know how I can help.

jacqui said...

Hi Wilna
I know just how you feel. We've got Chris's sister coming to visit us on Friday. She's out from Australia and I've also been madly sorting out the little piles of stash all around my house. I think God knows to send people like that to visit so we can 'declutter' our lives.

Liz Ness said...

Isn't that the truth...it's great to break out of the routine and make ready for visitors. Love that! Love the visits! Have a great one Wilna!

me..... said...

My mom is coming to visit for the weekend and that means serious cleaning. So I have to declutter too and you know how difficult that is for me. I am the all time hoarder. The house in Benoni looks almost as bad as the farm house in less than a year...Love ya tons. Enjoy your family

Kelly Klassen said...

Wilna, I loved your goals for yesterday - you are such an inspiration. I love your artwork and I can't wait to meet you at the Spring Fling at JSI

The Mad Aunt said...

Hi there

My easter weekend is scheduled for a little declutter - my man is going away and its just me and the girls - oh yeah! We are going to have a lot of fun too - just to add to your journaling - I have had a lot of feedback that the free journaling trigger downloads on the site work well if anyone wants to try - I am mad about journaling but just want to you to know that YOU have changed my world - I have only handwritten my journaling since I did your online class and must just share with the ladies that IT is so much more personal and so much easier as it just flows from the heart! Give it a try and you will be amazed at how EASY it is! Have a GREAT DAY!



longnecklady said...

I downloaded the directions to that album too. I love it! I got your RAK!!! Thank you sooo much for the bunny and the WONDERFUL chocolates. I am hiding them.



serendscrappity said...

MMM, I was wondering how you were going to cope with number 1 on your list. Decluttering is so good for the soul. My son is riding in his first SA national BMX championships this weekend in Germiston so I have the video and camera ready! Lots of journalling coming up. Enjoy your weekend