Saturday, August 18, 2007

One more sleep...

WOW. what a fun packed weekend. We have a wedding this afternoon. And then tomorrow evening we are going to the airport. I just wanted to say good bye to ya'll. But I hope post here from South Africa some pictures and stories. Blogger is great. Wherever there is a computer, I can blog!

Blessings on you. Please pray that everything fits into the suitcases! ha-ha
Those in South Africa... see you soon!
Love and a kiss


jacqui said...

Hi Wilna

Wow, I can't believe it's that time already. Have a safe and lovely trip and I'll see you in JHB!!!!


Jenny said...

Have a fantastic trip, Wilna, think of me when you hear the dawn chorus (that's what I miss)

caro said...


Doves in the chorus today, too AND Coucal! in JHB nogal.
Indeed the small things are important.

Proud of all you guys, far & wide.

Safe travels

Anonymous said...

:-), c u soon

Maryna said...

oh my oh my oh my!! i can't wait! i just can't wait!!

Roslyn said...

Have a great time Wilna!

Tiffany said...

have a wonderful time, Wilna! i know it will be beautiful! i miss you!


Anonymous said...

Hallo daar ou niggie. Ons wil net se ons het jou blog opgespoor, en dis lekker om te sien hoe kreatief jy is. Ons sien uit om julle te sien as julle nou kom kuier.

Sanet en Carel