Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I made this little album. I am so happy with it. It's so incredible to be creative. I downloaded some digital wings from K Pertiet at Designer digitals. The paper is the new Kristina Contes collection from Scrap in Style. I got my inspiration from a little tutorial from Jessica Sprague. She teaches you to add wings to a picture in Photoshop elements.

You can see the whole butterfly album HERE and HERE. I uploaded it in 2 parts (then I could do it simultaneously - me short cutting the short cut)

tell me today... what makes your life worth living?
Contemplating this a lot lately. Will write more about it soon. For now, PLEASE tell me.

Love and a kiss


elisabeth said...

having a happy and healthy family and knowing that we are loved...there's no feeling like it!!!

karin said...

I was a thought in God's Divine Mind, He formed me, my face and my personality, He knew exatly what plan and purpose He have for me, all long before I was even born, He wanted me to be on this earth, to live the life i am living right now, to have the husband, children and family i have, and most of all, He wants me to be his child, now, everytime i remember all of this, that is when life is worth living!
love and miss you

Maryna said...

knowing that i am not in charge!! that i don't have to work out the details, just be willing to live my life to the fullest, with as little grumbling and moaning as possible, loving, laughing, living!!

René Real said...

Waking up to God's beauty every day and knowing that He loved me so much that He gave Jesus to die for me? That's worth wanting to live for! And having family and friends to love and live for......and people like you! And Scrapbooking!!! And nature! And life! And love!

God Bless

kelly said...

Faith, family and friends... :)
so simple and so complex all at the same time. :)
Hope you are doing well, friend! :)

Liz Ness said...

AWESOME art, Wilna...you always provide so much inspiration...thanks for that!

Also, I have to say that He makes life worth living. That every little thing from Him takes my breath away. He is amazing, beautiful, and so awesome. The red leaves clinging to the tree, the drops of rain hanging and falling like little gems, the little birds twittering in the crisp cool Autumn air. Yup, He inspires a great love for Him, for everyone, for everything. He inspires me to live (and what a great gift this life is)!

Er...I need to stop now, before I start crying. He is just so amazing.

caro said...

Hi Wilna

an eternal question you ask today:

that is it for me, that Life is just a fraction of the journey, that God gives us to walk with Him. How exciting it is to marvel in His grace and Wisdom and to share that with His creation.

O, that we may praise & worship Him every day.

Stay funny said...

the joy of spending my life with my spouce and our cat, last w-end seing family and friends... creating... that's what make me happy and feel complete...

Gorett said...

the fact that life is a journey, not the destination. In short: your journey/life can be a ring binder, sticky film photo album OR it can be a SCRAPBOOK. God delights in us and loves watching us enjoy the trip and taking us along the scenic route. Having Him on the journey with us is the only thing making it worthwhile.

Lisa G said...

The blessings that God has sent to my life and KNOWING that they are from Him. Overcoming horrible things in life and knowing all along that Jesus was with me and would get me through.
My life is worth living because I KNOW that God put me here and He has a great plan.