Thursday, October 11, 2007

it's snowing.

It's snowing. fluffy white beautifully fluttering from heaven like a blessing.
I miss my husband. I digress.
Happy Birthday to Jaku's dad... Frans. We love you dad.



caro said...

Already!!! snow....

I am glad for you, and the freshness of that, and glad y'all had some extra UV's this year.

I am still seeing the sunshine in your butterflies as they flutter in & out of my screen.

PS A solarium would be on my wish list for you

GO BOKKE! Our whole school is dressing in the green 'n gold today (supposedly as a rotary fundraiser) loving the build-up!!

Anonymous said...

Hallo Blom,
Ons sit innie hotel in Bordeaux teen + vier en twintig grade. Ons kuier lekke, effe gestres oorie Rugby: Vertrek na Paris /Ons bly een ster, kuier vyf ster en verlang tien sterre na vroue en kroos. Gaan probeer kaartjies kry vir more se game:Fran/England. Stuur groete aan Mannetjies Roux...Adoons Hulle.

Kimberly White said...

Snow ... we had it for a minute and then it melted (thank goodness .... I need a little fall yet). Just wanted to say that your butterfly journal is amazing. Wow! What makes life worth living ... the joy of the Lord which is my strength, my little boy running around and being "super Joel". Have a wonderful weekend Wilna! Kim

Anonymous said...

My family is what makes my life worth living - and my friends and my Saviour. :-)