Sunday, October 14, 2007

one. more. sleep.

Then Jaku will be home. Hallelujah. This is the longest we have ever been apart in 16 years. I miss miss miss him. Not funny anymore. BUT on the bright side... the BOKKE won the semi final game today and are going through to the finals next weekend. I am sure the world cup is coming home this year.

Jaku phoned me last night. What I could gather from his excitement was that he and Johann got tickets yesterday to the France/England game. But apparently they got more than tickets... they got VIP passes and watched the rugby in a private box with guys like Nick Mallet and Francois Pienaar. IMAGINE THAT?????!!!!!! He says they got the pictures to prove it. I will show you as soon as I can. I am so thrilled that they are enjoying themselves and the fact that our team won today must be the cherry on top of a fabulous time in France (and Spain).

VIVA BOKKE. viva for husbands coming home.
Love and a kiss

ps... I painted this little "banner" while I listened to the game. fun.


Jody said...

That banner is sweet. Like you. I miss you. I love, LOVE the butterfly slideshow!! And I hope your hubby arrives home safe and sound and happy. =) Sounds like he's having a great trip. And finally...I wish I could scrap with you again soemtime. THAT makes me happy!

Maryna said...

hallo jou mooi ding!! we came back from joyce meyer yesterday.. very tired!! only thing that would have made it perfect would have been to share it with you!! lol!! it was so much fun, will be blogging all about it 2morrow!! 4got my camara with photos at home!! talk soon!

me..... said...

Hi my friend. Know how you feel having hubby away so long. I don't do so well either when my DH is gone for me. Just very glad he will be home soon. Enjoy the first breakfast you guys are going to as soon as he gets home or lunch or shopping or wahtever you do together. Love ya tons and tons.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wilna
Ek moet erken, ek het nie d rugby gekyk gisteraand nie, was net te moeg. Het 'n 10km wedloop gehardloop in d oggend, dus was ek vroeg bed toe. Maar hoera! vir die Bokke!! En WOW vir Jaco wat saam met Francois en Nick kon rugby kyk!
Geniet mekaar sodra hy terugkom.
Verlang na jou!

caro said...

Your banner reminds of the song bette midler sings so well: the rose.
green fingers are meek, compared with what love plants...

& yes, Francois is also a boytjie in my opinion! What a thrill for your boytjie to just BE there. But then, remember my other rugby boytjie, Stransky, in the mud against France, last time! Whew, GO GO GO Bokke. Lets hope the Brits are roses, and not lions in the final...

Boetie goes back today - to Sydney. The story of how he likes Joyce Myer's messages, continues; they were HERE on the same weekend. [He went back to church at Hillsong, on the night she was there].
God is so good, and ultimately wise. Thankyou Lord, for being our guide always.

happydays525 said...

Love the new banner Wilna! Take Care!

Mireille said...

great banner.. hope you are having a superday today =)