Tuesday, October 16, 2007


How cool is this picture? After I saw all the pictures and watched all his corny (but fabulous) little movie clips, I am so sad I missed out. But he is home and I am very happy. I am burning to make him and Johann a little memento album. We have been talking non stop and it's great to share hearts and feelings and memories.

I have been receiving Making Memories boxes what seems to be non stop for the last week. The goodies are so awesome. I am itching to start scrapping!!!

One more thing: INGRID! thanks so much for your updates and I am so glad that your event went well. I remember the "stress-letter" and how anxious you were at one time... but to me it's just a confirmation of how faithful God is. I am thankful with you. I met Ingrid, Lee and Jackie at the South African scrapbooking event and they stole my heart. I love you girls.

And to MARYNA: I *heart* you. Big puffy blinking heart you.

That's all.
Wilna-glad-jaku-is-home Furstenberg.


Jody said...

I am SO happy you two are together and that Jaku is home. I have no doubt that your 'memento album' is going to capture the trip perfectly...you always have a way of doing that with your he{art}! Enjoy your new scrap goodies. I can't wait to see what you dream up with all your latest things. =) Love to you and your family...

Anonymous said...


Mireille said...

there he is! yay!
My DH is in the hospital right now.
Can't wait for a moment like this..
this view (well kinda a different man if you don't mind =D) and a big big hug.

Maryna said...

hey, thanx for being so cool!! you are a star!! i really love you 2!