Saturday, November 24, 2007

right now...

Jaku is in the kitchen inflating a big pilates ball while Kirstin is sitting on the table and Jana is shouting out instructions to dad. Tia is cleaning the kitchen a bit for me. It's snowing outside again. Sigh. It's so hard to be married to the sexiest man alive's look alike. I have been telling Jaku he is BOURNE.

I am busy
  • Making our Christmas cards. Hand made this year.
  • Figuring out all the gifts and getting them asap.
  • reading an AWESOME book: Good News by Jan Brand. It's an Afrikaans book. It's setting me free BIG TIME.
  • Enjoying time with my SMA look a like.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Smiles all around


Anonymous said...

a pilates ball and homemade cards?? are one busy gal. :)

love ya-
andrea g.

caro said...

okay, so right now it's sunday midday here. my very owm sma made mushrooms 'n egg for breakfast. now he's teaching me about camera lenses. Will I ever learn???

kids playing nicely - yippee!
me, also making handmade gifts; (but can't tell, 'cos it's a surprise.) loving the sewing again.

soon to be chicken 4 lunch & a sister visit. good day, this IS.

Maryna said...

hey my friend!! watched Bourne 1 & 2 the weekend!! waiting patiently for #3!! i've sent you e-mail, PLEASE reply ASAP!! thank you my doll!!

Sarah Ridgley said...

lucky friends to get homemade christmas cards!

Anonymous said...

They DO look alike don't they? Heh-heh. How fun!