Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Valentine Class Information

I had some questions about the class:

As it's an online class you will work pretty much at your own pace and in your own time. It will officially start Feb 1st. But there are some sweets up already.

*The class cost $17-00 and we will be doing 4 projects. After you purchased the class, paypal let me know that your payment is done and I will then invite you to a private blog.
*One of the projects are already up on the private blog.
* Last years' class is also available (already) as a freebie for those who purchase the class.
* I am not supplying the product except
* for the project that's up already where I have a little kit available (enough) to purchase. This is not mandatory... just convenient for those of us who are too lazy to source the product. This is my candy project. It's sweet and cute and so pretty i just feel like eating it!
* I will be adding inspirational things to the blog on a regular basis...
* Included in the class are some FREE downloads of some of my artwork that you can use with your projects.
* I really think you will be getting more than your $17 worth of value.

* The SOUTH AFRICAN ladies... email me and I will send you an alternative way of paying for the class.

Come on and register! It will cause you to be creative and inspired and if you see the blog... it's well... totally YUM!

Questions? email me: wilna71@yahoo.ca

Love and a kiss


Juel said...

Wilna, I've been trying to register but I keep getting a retry page when I use the button to the right. HELP, I don't want to loose out on one of those CUTE kits for the class!!!

Wilna said...

Juel... do you have an paypal account? Then you can just log in and send me a payment of $17 to wilnaf@shaw.ca

Juel said...

Will do Wilna, sending now. USDA or Canadian?

Wilna said...

CAD Will be great! I am busy making up the kits!!! Having so much fun!

Melissa said...

How do I go to the classroom? I have registered for the class. Sorry if I missed something in the Paypal instructions.

Liane said...

Hi Wilna, I have signed up for your class and would like to purchase one of your little kits. How do I go about doing that?

Wilna said...

YAY Liane!!! You have email!
; )

Mimi said...

Hi, never did online class, is there a link to the projects,what to purchase how much the kits..is this like a chat and instructions are given..sorry, I am new.

jacki janse van rensburg said...

i have paid for your class. can't wait! getting the payment thing to work was a bit of a fiddle, but i am raring to go now!

MKMichigan said...

I see you have a store....but I was confused by the contents. I tried clicking on the item that said Valentine class.....and then it disappeared and a card kit appeared. Is that the class kit?
Are the class kits gone?

Wilna said...

Just to answer some questions:
* You can click on the paypal button to purchase the class.
* After I have received the payment, you will be invited to the private blog.
* on the blog there is detailed instructions to the projects, inspiration, music and some free downloads.
* There are still some project kits available (about 10)

Any more questions? Please email me wilna71@yahoo.ca


Jan said...

I just purchased the class and would also like to purchase a kit. Please let me know how to purchase the kit. Thanks. Jan

Theresa Tyree said...

Hi Wilna! Thank you for doing this for us.
I love you.