Thursday, January 24, 2008

Good Morning!

Different day today... Kirstin is doing a solo for the ballet competition and she is with Gillian (her amazing ballet teacher) right now working on that. Jaku was quoted on the front page of our local newspaper... something like
"I advise women who are pregnant to avoid caffeine" Dr Josias Furstenberg
It's so sweet! Imagine that! On page 3 he is quoted again saying that he would suggest pregnant women drink non-caffeine herbal drinks like South African rooibos tea. (with honey, it's totally YUM!) Then I just HAVE to post this video here. This video this the kind of thing you play at her wedding one day. It's my little Jana and her ballet class... I love this child so much my heart aches... especially now that she's not with me in the mornings any more...

All the Valentine projects are done... and I am so relieved. They are super cute and lots of fun so, if you have not registered for the class, then well... DO IT! OH and the winner for the little kit is number 4! Lisalyn Please email me you address! (I use a random number generator to choose the number)

Have a fabulous day!


jconnair said...

Precious video. I think she likes the spinning part the best, lol!

Roslyn said...

The video is totally darling!

me again said...

She is beautiful - Her hair looks stunning. And she looks like she is having a wonderful time. :-)

paula clare said...

Hi Wilna,
Isn't it great that our kids get the BEST of both parents...and doesn't it look SO MUCH CUTER on THEM!?!?! ADORABLE!What a treasure!

Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing the ballet video of Jana. Jada and Kaela want me to play it over and over again! I LOVE the circle explosion on the wall behind her in the video. Reminds of a bubblegum and a yummy scrapbook paper or a theme for a room ... it makes me happy all around!!!!
So would Dr. Furstenburg recommend I don't have my morning cup of coffee?? Ahhhhh:(

Anonymous said...

Hi Wilna
The song by Leeland is awesome, thanx for sharing. And of course the video of little Jana.... so cute.
Looking forward to meet your precious girls ONE DAY!! I think your girls and mine will have a "ball of a time" together!
Love Ingrid

Tamara Nicole said...

That is super cute! Can't wait to see the Valentine's goodies!

Anonymous said...

She is so CUTE! She totally looks like both of you, too. How fun -- and you're right, you need to show this at her wedding some day.

2sweetmom said...

that reminds me .. I have got to get my girlie in ballet!! I loved it at her age. Can't believe I keep putting it off.

Theresa Tyree said...

Omgosh, Wilna! Jana is so cute. My eyes are tearing up again. This is a definite for her wedding someday! I didn't know Jaku's real name is Josias. I just love that name! It's beautiful. Is it the same as Josiah in the Bible?

Lisa Stead said...

Hey Wilna I totally saw Jaco's blurb in the paper! I saw the front page and said how cool that was that I know him haha! How wierd too that caffeine has such a strong connection with miscarriages!

Jana looks so cute in this!

Hope you're having a great day!!!