Monday, January 21, 2008

Help needed.

Hallo! It's Monday night and I am posting quickly while I am waiting for our dinner to be done... Today was a productive day... I finished the instructions of one of the Valentines projects... you can see a sneak peek here...hee-hee... it is so, so, so sweet! Anyways... I need someones help. As the class is an online class, I need someone (3 someones actually) who will help me in trying out the projects. I want to know if the files are easy to download, the templates are working and if the instructions are clear.

So, if someone is available for the next 3 days to help me, please email me... wilna71 at yahoo dot ca and I will contact you with the info. You do not need to have all the right papers and things... you can do it in any color scheme, I just need to know the basics work. If there are too many who want to do it, I will pick the first 3.
ETA: THANKS to all the sweet girls who said they would help! I already emailed the first 3!

How do you like my neat studio? HA! it doesn't look like that anymore. sigh. circle of life. And how about todays song? mmm love that one.
Ok, off to feed the family.
Love and a kiss

and yes... registration is still open for the Valentine Class...


Anonymous said...

Hi Wilna

I would love to help with this?
Contact details:

Hve a blessed day!

Kathrine said...
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Juel said...

I emailed you Wilna

caro said...

Johnny my boy-kie!!!!

He sings (and dances)from our African souls, and never ceases to amaze me. Thanks for this song, Wilna!!!

DeniseLynn said...

Wilna, just wondered if you ever got my e-mail. I wanted to join in on the valentine class and wondered if I could mail you a personal check. I waited but didn't hear anything back at all. I assumed that meant no personal checks {totally understandable}... but now I see you still have openings. Might it be ok for me to mail you a check? I am in michigan and I am guessing it would get to you in just a few days. Also I have clicked on the side bar thing and it only opens to a very small window. AM I doing something wrong or is it that I cannot see your samples well because I am not a registered participant?

DeniseLynn said...

OK nevermind about the window thing - I got it figured out now. sheesh! Yup, I'm a dork. hee hee

Wilna said...

Please email me... and YES! It would be fine if you want to mail me a check.!!!!!
I did email you... please check your spam/ junk folder as often times emails from yahoo goes straight there.