Sunday, January 20, 2008

Just for you for today.

Do you feel lost?
Do you feel afraid?
Do need peace?
Are you in trouble?
Need a rest?
Do you feel condemned?
Do you need hope?
Do you want love?
How about faith?
Are you weak?
Need to trust?

Not any of the above? Then this is for you.

Love and a kiss


inara said...

that is so awesome. thank you for posting this!

Maryna said...

Thank you my friend.. just what a girl needed

BethandCo said...

I usually lurk, and I always appreciate your Scripture encouragement. I'm also enjoying your Valentine class! My babies (girls) will be 16 on Valentine's day! I really wanted to let you know that this scripture was really appropriate today. I'm watching Oprah today talk about the racial horrors that our country has faced. It's in honor of Martin Luther King. God's word is always appropriate and always timely, isn't it. Bless you!