Thursday, February 28, 2008

Be inspired.

Thursday morning and my home is quiet. I only hear the wind rushing around the corners of the house and the dishwasher's rhythmic tick-tick. The sounds are not disturbing me but is very comforting actually. I really, really miss my drear best friend forever today. It's like when you try to focus on the positive all the time and then come around a corner and find something of that person so innocently sweet that it just opens a flood gate of emotions. that's what happened when I saw Maryna's card for Lois today on her blog. I just wanted to cry. If you wonder what kind of a person she is then just look at her cards and you will know. She is loyal, and creative and a fierce friend who would always believe the best of me. She really loves me so unconditionally that it warms my heart from thousands of miles. I love you girl. Come and visit me. Please!

So, all the way from South Africa this card for Lois will come to cheer, comfort and encourage her heart. (Dear Jacqui, I have emailed you just as much as you emailed me, and somehow my mails to you get lost in cyberspace... so I am making some other plans now to communicate with you...). Take some time and have a look in our card gallery at all the beautiful cards (there are 3 pages). Some are simple in design and some are complex, but one thing all these cards have in common:
They inspire, lift up, is full of Love, life, faith, hope. they are a prayer, a ray of sunshine and a beautiful flower. I know Lois will appreciate each and every one of them. She still doesn't know about all of them. She got a few yesterday. I am so excited.

If you wonder what this is all about, read here.

A thought for today! Jer 29:11 I know what I'm doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.



Maryna said...

thank you my friend!
i love you 2!

me said...

Love ya both :-)

caro said...

that gallery is BULGING! that is a truly beautiful sight. it's such a gift to see the goodness of humankind.

PS whenever Lois's name comes up, I hear the hymn; "the Spirit lives in you & me, walk, walk, in the Light. He binds us all in unity, walk,walk in the light."
Would you mind passing this on to her, please Wilna.