Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Get ready!

Tomorrow is Valentines day! Get ready for a feast here on my blog! I will be giving away some hand painted goodies (a free download) and also two Valentine coffee card kits. I have 10 available so if any one wants one, I will be selling them for today and tomorrow ONLY @ $12-00.
I will also make the Valentine class gallery public tomorrow so you all can see the pretty things we made! It was great and much fun!
Love you! Wilna


caro said...

thanks for your v-day class email.

The projects are unique & well planned, and besides, SO PRETTY.
For me the romance & frivolity is the reason I enjoy this time. nevermind the cynics, lets celebrate LOVE!!!!

Thanks so much Wilna, for living your HEART motto,

linda said...

Now I just ahve to figure out the time zones. Its already Valentine's Day Down Under so Happy Valentines day and I hope you are spoiled and have a great day

Lacintha said...

The Valentine class has been outstanding!!!
Thanks for sharing your art with us all...

Roslyn said...

I was happy to finish the first 2 projects. If I get some time I will take a photo and post...I didn't get to the cards...darn school work, but I have the instructions and plan to do them later...maybe even tomorrow as I am home for once.
It was a great class - thanks!

Maryna said...

hey.. can't wait to see the pretty things u came up with again.. love you

Debbie said...

Love all the pretty things you have offered.