Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I did this page yesterday and today I saw on Ali's blog how much she loves those newspaper letters! The product from this pages comes from Cosmo Cricket and I totally LOVE it! Also love that picture of Jana... yes, she makes me happy!
seeing it's Valentine week (meaning lots of hearts), I want to share a few words from Jaku's lecture this morning. Jaku talks about the hearts and how important the heart is in our lives. Read this and be blessed like I was:

John Eldredge:“A person’s character is determined by his motives, and motive is always a matter of the heart.”

“Success or failure can be pretty well predicted by the degree to which the heart is fully in it.”

He also gives a working definition of the heart, according to Oswald Chambers:

“The use of the term “heart” is best understood by simply saying, ‘me.’” Me. It puts us back together from all the psychological, scientific, and even theological dissection we’ve been handed by the Modern era and gives us back a whole self. Me. My heart is me. The real me. Your heart is you. The deepest, truest you. That is why the heart is central, for what shall we do if we dismiss our self?
As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he…

Eldredge continues:

"Caring for our own hearts isn’t selfish; it’s how we begin to love. Yes, we care for our hearts for the sake of others. Does that sound like a contradiction? Not at all. What will you bring to others if your heart is empty, dried up, pinned down? Love is the point. And you can’t love without your heart, and you can’t love unless your heart is well. When it comes to the whole subject of loving others, you must know this: how you handle your own heart is how you will handle others.

The heart that is weak is vulnerable. Are you able to fend off accusation when you are wiped out from a hard week? Listen—the first wave of any strike against us is to rob us of the heart to fight it. It always starts that way, with that sense of being too tired or overwhelmed. Heads up—the main assault is coming on the heels of it….

It works like this: hyenas cannot bring down a lion in its prime. What they do is run it and taunt it and wear it down to the point of exhaustion. Once they see it cannot defend itself, then they close in. The strategy in the age we live in now is busyness or drivenness. Ask people you know how things are going. Nine out of ten will answer something to the effect of “really busy.” …The deadly scheme is this: keep them running. That way, they’ll never take care of their hearts [or themselves]. We’ll burn them out.

I don’t want to be taken out. Others are counting on me. I must care for my heart [and myself] as my first line of defense."

Amazing hey?
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Good stuff! Love Oswald Chambers, too.

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Thanks Wilna so much for the RAK. I have already started playing with the pieces. The colours are really awesome. Thanks again. Priya

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Is this from one of Eldredge's books? It is quite wonderful. Thank you so much!