Wednesday, May 28, 2008

wednesday mornings are...

blissful. Especially when the husband is home. We drove to Christopher lake this morning to have breakfast at our favorite place there: the yellow fender. I love to spend time with my wonderful man. Jaku, i love, love, love you. you are my very best friend and my best husband. (ok, my only husband!! : )
Now, I have to do a bit of work before I leave the house at 1. I have an assignment or 2 to do. Tomorrow night the dance recital starts. I am looking forward to it and for it to be done. I did this page yesterday with the beautiful farmhouse chic collection now on sale at scrap in Style. I am fascinated lately by printing my picture directly on the paper. I must admit, I love this page. And in real life, I cannot stop looking at it. I hope it happens to you too... that you create something that's so beautiful it just have that incredibly fulfilling feeling.

well, a thought for today is Matt 6:22-23"Your eyes are windows into your body. If you open your eyes wide in wonder and belief, your body fills up with light. If you live squinty-eyed in greed and distrust, your body is a dank cellar. If you pull the blinds on your windows, what a dark life you will have!



Melissa said...

Hi! You dont know me, but I saw you in Canadian Scrapbooker, and then I found your blog. :) I also live in Prince Albert and scrapbook and I thought it was Totally Awesome to see someone else from here featured in the mag, nevermind seeing that you are a Christian woman. How cool!

Your stuff is amazing. Thanks for the inspiration.

If you ever want someone to scrap with, or RUN with (reading a few days back on your blog) then we should hook up! I am just getting back into running and my goal is also 10k!


Linda said...

I just love the way the LO's come out printing the pics directly on the paper, I realy need to get a 12X12 printer :( I am going to also get the farmhouse chic collection, I was thinking aobut it today and now seeing it on a LO it looks fantastic.........

Grammy and Olivia said...

This page is amazing. I am going to have to try printing a picture on a page like that tonight! I also love the sentiment on the page.

me said...

Love the pic - love ya. Have fun at the dance recital

Roslyn said...

Your page is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wilna, just popping in to say hello! Fritz & I are going on our church marriage enrichment course this weekend (we organised the weekend, being the marriage ministry leaders). Can't wait!! Kids are spending the weekend at my sister's. They also can't wait. Please pray with us that this weekend will be a blessing to all 12 couples attending.
Love - ingrid

Maryna said...

hey daar..
gee asb die girls kisses voor hulle dans, se vir hulle ek weet hulle gaan almal se voete onder hulle uitslaan..
mis jou..