Friday, July 11, 2008

Post number 557 (and counting)

Thanks to Paula Clare who emailed me today... you are so sweet... mentioning that I am not so very much on my blog lately. Well, yes and no. For the keen observer would have discovered that I have yet again changed my blog template... well, just back to how it was. I got a few emails saying that the layout was cut off my internet explorer ( a browser that I will refrain from commenting my true feelings on) If you want to know an excellent browser, download and install (for free) firefox 3. I love firefox. I also added this chat thingie in the side bar, if it works and people actually chat with me, I will keep it. If, however I chat only with myself, i will remove it. my blog is like my house... I am forever decluttering. which brings me to the next topic.

The Mundane Video

I made this video today. Took me about 30 minutes and I show you the flower cards on there. But first I bore you and then scare you AND THEN show you the cards. Watch it. and tell me what you think.

Did you know
*I have a very hard time doing those SDGRer4gtH letters. You know, when you leave a comment on a blog you have to type them in. I am always typing mine in 3 times. ugh.
*I love instant coffee. In my Starbucks mug. He-he
*I decided to redecorate my bedroom and laundry room. It's cheaper than a new house.

Matt 6: 34"Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don't get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes.
Love and a kiss


inara said...

ah wilna, once again your verse is just what I needed to hear! thank you!

~*{ Michelle }*~ said...

Hi Wilna - I absolutely love your flowers and that album is going to bet so stunning once you're done.

Love your bedroom too - sooo pretty! :)

Dale Anne Potter said...

Those flower cards look FABULOUS! Look forward to seeing what you do with them.

Linda said...

You know I always look forward to a new post on your blog I've become a junky (lol), you are just so inspirational and full of positivity that is contegeous. Oh yeah I love the flower cards they look fabulous I need to start some up with my girls....... My sis is getting married and ofcourse I am incharge of making the thank you cards and the thank you gift boxes.


Grammy and Olivia said...

I love the flowers and the video and seeing the "mundane" of your life. Oh yeah and the choice of music was beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wilna
Love to see what your home looks like. Really wish I can come & visit you one day. Also just love how Jana interupts - it makes me feel so normal....!
Love - ingrid

Kirsten said...

Wilna - I love it all! your room looks so tranquil - yes, I need to makeover our bedroom as well - and the little girl interruptions are just like my house - and the glorious, happy flowers. Thank you. Oh, and the verse - perfect for me today - you were just what I needed :)

Paola said...

Dear Wilna, thank-you for sharing a bit of your life with us. I really like your bedroom and think it's cute that you have a little spot to do your hair. You are soo lucky to each have a bathroom!
I really love those cards and the album will be fabulous. Your daughter is so cute and your laundry in progress is real life.
Love the beautiful music...I need to find it somewhere.
Thanks again,
ps I can now see the right side of your blog again. Yay!

Lisa B. said...

Great video! I love how your daughter is always three are like that too!

Very pretty cards you are in the process of creating, can't wait to see the final product!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your home with us. I loved your flower project but was a little confused- are they meant to be cards or mini album pages- not that it matters coz they are beautidul, each and every page. Thanks for the inspiration once again. Priya

Leslie said...

Thank you for sharing the verse! perfect timing!
Love your flowers too!
When are you going to do another online class?!! hope soon!

Matyn De Meyer said...

its matyn and want to say hi miss you guys so much and it s verey cold here love you