Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Flowers - Part 1

A few week ago I posted these flowers on my blog. I made them for my invitations. Well, since then I had a few requests to post a how-to on my blog. Well, this is the flower how to. In part 2 I will show you how to make it into a sweet little project.
I am using the Girly-girl collection from Scrap in Style and I love the pinks and the mayaroad sheer albums (also included in this collection).

For the flowers, I used mainly Making Memories blossoms. For years, Making Memories have been making flowers in all shapes and sizes. If you are a determined scrapbooker, I am sure you have a few in your stash somewhere! I took out ALL the flowers I had and started to layer them on top of one another. I would add some ribbons/ net/ texture to make it as interesting as I could. Next, I took a needle and some yarn and I adhered the flower and all it's pieces together using a button... threading it through and binding it at the back. That's how easy it is to make the flowers.

The next thing I am going to do, is make the cards. Add some pictures and journaling, and post it here with a step by step.

Start on the flowers... and I will be back in an hour or 2 to post the rest!


Paola said...

Thanks Wilna, I too love the blossoms and love the flowers you made. How can someone not love flowers?
Maybe you could make a how to video next time?
thanks again!

Sophia said...

Thanks Wilna, this is beautiful as always...

inara said...

those flowers are so darn gorgeous!!!

Sonya said...

You are too sweet to do this, I can't wait to make one! Thanks Wilna!

Grammy and Olivia said...

Looks like something I need to try.

Linda said...

I just received my flowers in the mail, I am going to be busy...... thank you for posting your how to guide...... Thank you for the inspiration

Anonymous said...

oh yay! i can see the right hand side column...its no longer split! GBY. xoxo

caro said...

yes, me too -
the whole 3 columns!

Your flowers are fabbo. I hadn't seen the net ones, before you used them, for this. Also just enjoyed this version of 'the heart' song. That song has great inspiration for me.
Nearly weekend - yippeeee!