Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday Night...

Because I have a wireless keyboard, I can sit with my feet up and the keyboard on my lap and type my post. Today I have been a little creative (as you can see in yet another banner) It's still good and the day I find a banner I can stand longer than 2 weeks, we will celebrate together. This weekend was busy... I did my garage sale and it went very well! We sat around the whole of Saturday and a few friends visited and I sold almost ALL my clutter! I love that part the best!

This is the book I am reading at the moment and without a doubt it's THE most inspiring book I have ever read. This is SUCH a testimony of what an intimate relationship with Jesus looks like. A year or so ago, Maryna send me the dvd and I loved that. But somehow the book is more in depth and tells the story more completely. I HIGHLY recommend this book. This year in April, Angus Buchan (the guy on the cover) held a mighty men's conference and THIS youtube tells the story beautifully. Every single time I watch it, I am overcome and tearful. Dying to live. I would LOVE to hear your thoughts after you watched it.
I love the Lord with all my heart and I know that something is starting to stir in my heart that excites me and at the same time fills me with awe. I know that Jesus is coming back and my heart's desire is to help bring people to Him, my Master. I want to tell the world about my wonderful Lord.
Seeing that it's Sunday, I am allowed to preach a little... : )
Love you


Harley Dee said...

You deserve to sit with your feet up :) Glad you had a good turnout for your garage sale. I had not heard of this book before, but I might have to pick it up soon. Hope you have a great week! :D

paula clare said...

Hi Wilna,
Just watched the video...oh my...OH MY! Seeing the men walking up to the tent, coming from literally the highways and byways (and airplanes) and then seeing THAT MANY MEN together truly touches my heart! I have always considered mine a missionary's heart to begin with, (and I am convinced yours is the same) and so anytime there are people gathered together, singing, in another language, or from another culture, I just sob with joy! I simply MUST find a copy of the's been pushed to the top of my "Must Read for Inspiration" list!

Thank you SO MUCH for sharing it with us...and for your heart that is always turned outward.

The quote I loved "If your vision doesn't scare you, it's not big enough!" AMEN, SISTER!

Hugs and many prayers,
Paula Clare

caro said...

more se Wilna!

yes, one of our best friends from Natal, took his son with him to Angus's congress! Thousands of men, altogether, amazing!!

This banner is so deep, love it.

Lots to do in this last week of school holidays -
(wish we could coffee)

Maryna said...

hi daar..
yes, how awe inspiring God's hand in peoples lives can work to the good of His kingdom in other peoples lives, to change a generation, a nation and the world!!
i think as mothers we think we understand dying to live.. but in God's eyes and in His sacrifice, we have only begun to die..
glad your preaching.. i can close my eyes and beleive i'm there..

inara said...

thank you for the reminder, my faith is weak lately, I needed to remember what we are here for.

Anonymous said...

Hi there from a very cold South Africa! My BIL and his son went to the mighty men conference and they say that there could never be a video or any words written that couls describe the power of what happened on that farm that weekend! What an awesome experience it must have been. I think only South Africans can really understand the power of that weekend, knowing just how "strong" and 'macho' our men are - so for so many thousands of them to have been on their knees worshipping, is truely a miracle!

Grammy and Olivia said...

I enjoyed the video--awesome to see so many men in worship. My husband will attend Promise Keepers in a couple of weeks--he tells me that the worship with that many men is beyond words.

I love your new header. That is one of my favorite scriptures. I have it printed and mounted above my desk in my scrap room.

Bar-b said...

I felt like watching a movie tonight...I thought I might watch "Faith Like Potatoes" but I can't find it anywhere. The book probably is better but sometimes I'm just in the mood to watch...I'm so thankful for your site Wilna...I'm so thankful that Lois had you in her life...and I'm so glad that I got to meet you and that you could share some touching moments that you shared with Lois. Thank you ladies who come on this site for all your cards and prayers and for your continued prayers for Lois family. I find myself missing her very much I came here to look at her picture and read again what you ladies had to say. I know she's with her heavenly Father...but she was my little sister and I miss her so!!!


~*{ Michelle }*~ said...

I've heard so many wonderful stories about the mighty men conference. God is really using this guy in a BIG way! I read the book and watched the movie and I agree - the book is just sooo much better. Absolutely great and a must read!


Joy Filled Life said...

Thank you for sharing this! It was a beautiful video! I never knew the Mighty Men Conference existed and it is truly wonderful that so many men gather to worship our Lord!

I love the fact that you share about Jesus on your blog. You are really blessing many people's live with a simple entry :)

Thank you!