Thursday, July 3, 2008

Another few announcements...

Hi again, you have to know this: I LOVE YOU! All your comments really hit home to the heart for me, thanks girls. Today I have a few thoughts and announcements and I also are going to ask your advise in the end.

1. Rachel Kaufman is busy with this exciting project:
Scrapbooking from the Inside Out, founded by published designer and instructor Rachel Kaufman, will launch on July 1st, with a sneak peek at the first kit on June 25th at Rachel’s blog, Inside Out., is a kit club, an inspirational source and an online community for scrapbookers who want to explore their inner lives and deepest thoughts and dreams. July's kit and inspiration will focus on ‘Freedom.’
Scrapbooking from the Inside Out advocates Rachel's trademarked approach to scrapbooking – starting with the emotion. It’s ‘Scrapbook Therapy’ – using scrapbooking as a means to self-exploration, self-expression and self-discovery. Each month, the site, and kit, will focus on a specific emotional theme. The stylish, bountiful kit will arrive with products that will take the user on a creative journey of the heart that starts with feelings. Each kit includes at least 10 pieces of patterned paper, 4 pieces of specialty paper, 5 pieces of cardstock, two alpha sets, and a luscious array of ribbon, hard and soft embellishments, two paints or inks, a mini stamp and an album or other item to alter. These limited edition kits are available exclusively online at The kits are ideal for anyone – beginner to advanced, and are perfectly balanced to be adapted and customized by scrapbookers of any style – clean and graphic, funky and freestyle, or vintage and distressed.
Unlike any other kit club, Scrapbooking from the Inside Out offers an online ‘Inspiration’ webpage with music links, photos of great art, quotes and journaling prompts to encourage personal exploration through the emotion. The site will also include techniques, samples and challenges from a stellar international design team and special celebrity guests to help jumpstart creativity. The site includes a forum for sharing ideas, experiences and feelings, as well as a user gallery where scrapbookers can post their pages and projects to help themselves and others be inspired. The kits sell for $49.95 for an individual month, $47.95 per month for a three month subscription, and $45.95 per month for a six month subscription. Subscribers will receive members-only access to additional instruction and rewards, as well as free bonuses with each purchase. Gift certificates are always available – and make the perfect gift for any scrapbook enthusiast.
The mission of Scrapbooking from the Inside Out is to help scrapbookers explore their inner worlds and motivate them to express themselves on the scrapbook page with greater depth, to reach for scrapbooking as support, encouragement and catharsis in processing life’s pleasurable and difficult moments. Scrapbooking from the Inside Out creates a totally new space in the scrapbooking world for sharing thoughts and feelings in the way that only scrapbookers can. You'll find it at For more information or to pre-register before July 1st, email scrapbookdesign at aol dot com.

2. I am doing a garage sale this Saturday (maybe even tomorrow) and I am going to include some SCRAPBOOK STUFF. So, anyone near enough, come and check it out and for those who have done a zillion garage sales, give me a few tips and this is my first one. YAY for getting rid of clutter. And for making a few $ doing it.

have a great day
lots of love... no make that tonnes,


inara said...

I wish I could come!!! What are you selling?

MandieGirl said...

me, too! I would absolutely L O V E to dig through your stash! I really love the stuff that you sent me! It is so much fun!!

Thanks! Have a fun weekend!

Linda said...

WOW!!! I would so love to be there, but unfortunatly for me Im in TX....... I can only imagine your stash, wish I could digg through it I am on a scrap diet (lol) still looking for a job to support my hobby ;o)

Harley Dee said...

I would love to come to your yard sale.. wonder if I could justify buying a plane ticket from Alabama? :)

Maryna said...

hey.. your scrap crap is our treasures!!! isn't that funny!! anyway.. never had a yard sale, never really been to one, except the weird 'white elephant' table at the church bazaar! have fun though..

Paola said...

Hi Wilna I think you should sell your scrappy stuff here..yup as small lots and name your price. I bet you will sell it!! You can charge for shipping also so that way you make some cash.

Tip. Mark things a bit higher, people like to bargain. For example if you really want $10 for something mark it for $15. This way you and the customer can bargain and both come out on top!

Also, have lots of change on you, esp. Loonies and Toonies.

Advertise all around your area ASAP! If it's hot have the girls sell lemon aid or cool drinks for the customers.


caro said...

-'from the inside' out sounds amazing- it's what makes craft into art - when emotions & contexts are added!
tx for the heads up.

I'm also turfing stuff this next two weeks, roll on SPRING!!!!


Anonymous said...

Ha, wouldn't I just Lurve to come to that garage sale-sadly SA is just tooooo far, to bad. Think we need to move closer (hee hee).

Needing to scrap today, you know the times when you really just have the "urge" (since last night) so that is the plan.
Am intending to let my 4 year old scrap with me for the first time, should be fun but challenging.

Garage sales are so much fun, other peoples junk is wonderful. We did it when we moved and cleared so much excess.

Good luck Wilna and the gang and have FUN.


paula clare said...

Hi Wilna!
From one avid yard sale-r to another, I'd agree with the other gal who suggested you sell your scrapbook stuff HERE. You KNOW you already have a "consumer base" who LOOOOOOOOVES your stuff, AND you'll make more money than you would if you sold it at a yard sale (I think). You could even put it on Etsy or Ebay and auction it off to the highest bidder! How fun would that be?

Anyway, good luck to you! As for haggling, I know lots of folks like to do it...I'd rather be shot. Seriously. Just name your price and I'll take it or leave it. I've always said I'd starve to death in a country where haggling is expected!

Blessings and prayers,
Paula Clare

DeniseLynn said...

Hi!! I missed you while you were away and then I was "out" for a bit and now here I am checking in ... heppy to hear your having a garage sale. I hope it goes well. Mostly just keep it simple. Set things out neatly arranged with clear price labels on each item. Keep your prices low enough to sell yet not so low that it seems "too good to be true" to your customers. Enjoy the customers and chat with them - then they feel good about buying from you. Keep the money on you (like in a fanny pack rather than on a table in a money box). Garage sales can be so much work but it is fun and kinda nice to get some money back from items someone else might treasure. Enjoy!! And welcome home.

Scrap Evangel said...

This new club "Scrapbooking From The Inside Out" sounds really interesting. I'll be checking back to see what you're up to. Great blog!