Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My online class...

Right, So I am super excited about my upcoming class. I made a little sidebar thingy to give you a little sneak peak of the class. Its only going on sale the 8th of September. I have most of the projects done. We are going to make some unusual things. BUT I have to say that it's going to be easy easy easy and fun fun fun. Have you ever done a mirror mosaic on a mirror? he-he. Saying nothing more. All in all it's going to be 8 projects in 10 days. And every single one of them you are going to want to show the world. I know I can't wait to show you. The cost is going to be $19.95.

If anyone want to post the image in their side bar on their blog, I will be so thankful and happy. Help me to get the word out! : ) You can just right click and copy the image URL. Just let me know ... cause just maybe I will drop something in the mail for you!

I am really putting to practice what I wrote earlier today. I am walking with Him. And even with the class and all the work that went into it, I am committing it to Him and asking Him to bless it and to fill it! And now I refuse to worry about it one bit any more!!!
Love and a kiss


me said...

Have an awesome time in your class. Love ya

FrancescaVe said...

I copy the link in my blog (http://finalmentescrap.blogspot.com). It's in Italian language so you'll probably have some Italian students. Good Luck!

Paula Clare said...

Hi Wilna!
Your class ad is in my sidebar! WOOHOO!

For anyone out there reading...Wilna's classes are ALWAYS a great value for the money! She always gives you FAR more instruction, ideas and projects than you'd expect for an online class! *I* am signing up!

Paula Clare

Tricia Wilson said...

Your class will be wonderful because you are wonderful!

Kataroo said...

ooooh I would really like to take this....posted the pic in my blog

thanks Katie

Lynette said...

What will we need to have for the class...that cannot be downloaded?