Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thankful for today.

I visited Simply me's blog today and came across this cool picture editing site.
I made a quick snap shot over there. This is me. On top of the world.
: )

I did some more internet shopping this morning... bought 2 of these books for gifts for 2 guys. I read it and it's amazing.

Something else I did was make a digital page from one of Ali's templates. I took 25 pictures around the house and made the page. I love her templates.

Template: Ali Edwards, Green paper: Jesse Edwards, Paint strip: Katie Pertiet, Brown background: Created in PSE7, Stitches: Lisa Whitney (but these will work too) Torn paper edges: Anna Aspen.

Interesting enough, only when I saw this page next to yesterday's page in the photobucket gallery, did I see the resemblances. Amazing how our subconscious works!

Talk tomorrow!


Maryna said...

so i'm first.. and i've been waiting for your skype to go on!! hope i get to talk to you before i goes home!! love love love you

Amber said...

I love multi photo pages...especially with lots of little photos! =)

Simply Me... said...

Howdy, i love your site! thanks for the plug too! i have a cool idea to do with the cups from starbuck! I'm going to use the whole cup and use it for a starbucks giftcard, come visit again...

SiMpLe Me

staceyfike said...

hi vvilna! i just wanted to say "xoxoxoxoxooxo"

Linda said...

I love that LO I just love picture jurnaling......