Friday, November 14, 2008

'tis the season

I walked into my local Starbucks yesterday and it was official: the red cup season started. I just had to buy this adorable reindeer. I mean is it cute or what? Oh and I just had to get a peppermint mocha!! It's still snowing off and on and I know before long, we will have meters of snow. No, i am not exaggerating.
The girls will come home from school early, my husband finish work early and there is no dance today. Yes, I am smiling.
A thought for today: Psalm 16 says My choice is you, God, first and only. And now I find I'm your choice! You set me up with a house and yard. And then you made me your heir!

Have a happy weekend!


Stay funny said...

What a sweety!!! Enjoy your Friday and w-end!

Juel said...

I thought of you when I saw the red cups at Starbucks last week. Such a simple thing as a red cup makes me so happy!

Amber said...

Aw...that is too cute! Starbucks is so adorable and yummilicious! They just opened one like five minutes from my house (versus my "old" Starbucks...which is ten minutes from my house haha...)

SO exciting! P.s. I loved your little Starbucks ornament! =) Have a great day!

Grammy and Olivia said...

Sounds lovely. I do like snow when everyone can be home, snuggly tucked inside and a peppermint mocha sounds delicious!

Diana Graham said...

Wilna, I took your cupcakes and coffee class in September. My computer died during part of your class and I was unable to save the pages that went into the large coffee cup. I am now in the 30 days handmade Christmas and would like to make some of the christmas cups with the pages as albums for gifts is there any way you could email me that file?
Diana Graham

MargS said...

Just found your blog, & I love it! But the print is SSOOOOOO tiny, it's really quite difficult to read. I wondered if you were aware of this, & if you would consider enlarging the font, as I'm sure I can't be the only one who has trouble reading it.
Love the pictures of the first snow......... we here in Australia, are gearing up for a long, hot summer!

The Mad Aunt said...

Love you as always girl but gotta see some more of YOU! I have tagged you! 7 Weird things about you! Enjoy - it was fun!

caro said...

love this leeeetle reindeer fella, especially his checked lime green pyjamas!!!!

Linda said...

I like that plush ornament..... my girls would love it, I'm going to stop by and see if I can pick some up. Have a great weekend and enjoy that snow :o)

MandieGirl said...

what a cute little reindeer!!!