Saturday, November 15, 2008

7 weird things about me...

the mad aunt (clair?) tagged me and I want to tag everyone who wants to play along... link me to your blog in the comments if you participated.

7 weird things about me.

1. I don't eat sandwiches that I didn't make.
2. I don't eat raw tomatoes. In fact, I have never in my life even took a bite of a raw tomato.
3. I love gadgets more than clothes. Gig and ram makes me more excited than D&C. I want a remote for Christmas.
4. I memorize scripture from the Amplified Bible. My husband says I speak Amplified.
5. I don't like answering the phone. (I do it, but I don't like it)
6. I collect starbucks bears.
7. Cherry Nibs is the best candy in the world.

Let me know what makes you weird!


caro said...

You got me, tag accepted:

Rachel said...

Oh I accept and have completed!

Rachel :)

Lisa-Kate said...

Hey BFF. I used to love sharing these on my blog, haven't done it in a long while, I may start it up again though starting with your tag.

I had my old blog hacked and now have a new address, hope to see you there:

Pretty. Thrifty. Scrap.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new banner! Beautiful pic's of some beautiful girls!
Love - ingrid

Maryna said...

hey.. you know what makes me weird!! and may i say, your my favourite weirdo!
love you

Kataroo said...

I'M IN :)

Carrie Hamm said...

I love to watch any animal movie - annaconda, king kong ect.

PLO said...

Oh boy, #5 speaks to me...I HATE answering the phone...I do it, but I FREAKIN' hate it!!!

Helen Tilbury said...

How weird...did something similar a while ago on my blog & sure I mentioned the tomato thing...also never eaten a raw tomato in my life & don't intend to EVER start...also HATE answering the phone, but sometimes have no choice as you say...